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Regular visitors to www.soulandjazzandfunk.com will already have seen the fulsome review of the DELLS SING DIONNE WARWICKE album. The 1972 Chess/Cadet gem is one of the veteran group's most collectable albums but till now it's never been re-issued despite its importance in not just the group's, but also producer CHARLES STEPNEY'S evolution. The company we need to thank for the re-issue is Chicago record store DUSTY GROOVE. The shop operates out of Chicago's North Ashland Avenue and offers a fabulous range of rare and collectable material over a number of genres. DUSTY GROOVE also has mail order and internet operations and they can track down almost anything. The store also runs its own label and it's for that label that they licensed the above-mentioned DELLS classic. The label currently also offers re-issues on DOROTHY ASHBY, DAVID AXELROD, JORGE BEN, and MELVIN JACKSON. Label boss RICK WOJCIK told www.soulandjazzandfunk.com that there's more goodies to come later in the year…. In the meantime may we recommend a visit to www.dustygroove.com


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