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1shalaMost old school soul folk have a soft spot for SHALAMAR. At their height in the late 70s and early 80s the trio (Jeffrey Daniel, Howard Hewett and Jody Watley) enjoyed a lengthy run of hits and tunes like 'Take That To The Bank' and 'A Night To Remember' are regularly aired in disco and dance clubs all over the world!

From time to time various members of the band hook up to work the oldies and nostalgia circuit, but right now (indeed she's been on the project for some 18 months) JODY WATLEY is working hard to create a brand new Shalamar group and sound, which, for obvious reasons she's calling SHALAMAR RELOADED.

Jody says: "We decided we didn't want to be a new version of a group with a long past, after releasing our first single and video 'Slowdance' we've now gone for an edgier sound and statement". Make up your own minds as to just how edgy the new sound is as you investigate 'O.R.I.G.N.A.L.' Shalamar Reloaded's latest single.

Helping Jody deliver are Ohio native Nate Allen Smith and choreographer Rosero McCoy and on 'O.R.I.G.N.A.L.' they really do deliver something markedy different to the usual Shalamar sound. Jody again: "Each of us had something to touch upon and we want people to know we are originals to this group - no replacements, wannabees or imposters. We're on a mission to build a broader fanbase not locked into days gone by."

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GR009_Sleeve_Artwork_copy'Love Life' is the latest slice of uplifting soulful house from GENETIC FUNK, the "house band", if you would, of Grounded Records. The optimistic beater features the always soulful vocal of Michelle Weeks. My hot tip for the modern soul crowd is to go straight to the original mix – either in its 8 minute version or in its radio edit. It's a sweet dance groove laced with brass and strings and has a hypnotic quality that hammers home the obvious optimism.

There are, as ever, plenty of other mixes too. Amongst them the GF vocal mix (maybe a bit hard edged) and the now obligatory Dub mixes.

'Love Life will be released on Traxsource promo 26th August / Full release 9th September 2016 On Grounded Records.

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1sdSteven Davis is an American lounge jazz/MOR entertainer who's' currently promoting his latest album 'The Way You Look Tonight' – an album Steven calls "a beautiful homage to an incredible group of artists from that wondrous era when songs had soul, arrangements swung powerfully and poetic lyrics penetrated the heart."

Amongst the tunes on the album are 'Come Fly With Me', 'Luck Be A Lady', 'Teach Me Tonight' and 'Only You' which is delivered in a manner very different from the Platters' original. Expect here (and indeed throughout the album) swinging, big band arrangements. For the recording Steven was backed by a 17 piece band led by Andy Farber, whose previous CV includes work with people like Jon Hendricks, Wynton Marsalis, Bob Dylan, B.B. King and Ray Charles.

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1kkThe wonderfully named KIKI KYTE is the newest protégé of the COOL MILLION team. Hailing from the Carolinas, Kiki started off a drummer! That talent and her remarkably true soul voice soon won her work with The Mary Jane Girls, Chaka Khan and Klymaxx.

Ms K is currently collaborating with Frank Ryle and Rob Hardt of Cool Million and the single 'Disco Chick' is all set to hit the sales racks. The title says it all; the Sed Soul release is unashamed soul boogie. There are hints of Chic, hints of Philly and almost everything else that's good about soulful dance music. Truly, Rob and Frank throw everything in and with Kiki's pleading vocal it works remarkably well!

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1angieIt's been less than a year since ANGIE STONE treated us to her last album, 'Dream'. Now her people tell us there's another new one on the way... 'Covered In Soul', a collection of covers of tunes that influenced her and moulded her unique sound and style over the years.

Amongst the selected tunes are The Undisputed Truth's 'Smiling Faces Sometimes' and The Five Stairsteps' 'Ooh Child.' There's also Angie's take on Hot Chocolate's 'Everyone's A Winner" and Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight.' Reggae's represented too with versions of UB 40's' Red Red Wine' (written by Neill Diamond, of course)) and a look Bob Marley and the Wailers' 1978 'Is This Love.'

Oddly (maybe?) Ms Stone also "covers" a selection of her own songs with re-recordings of 'Brotha', 'Wish I Didn't Miss You' and 'Baby'... we'll bring you a full review just as soon as we have our copy.

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