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cwCANDACE WOODSON is a southern soul singer who came to the business via the tried and tested gospel route debuting in churches in her Paducah, Kentucky home.

A music graduate of the Tennessee State University in Nashville, Candace is currently putting the finishing touches to her second LP from which she's just released the first single.... an insistent mid-tempo groove called 'Free'. It's not the Deneice Williams' classic – Candace's 'Free' is tougher and grittier with some pulsing brass notes and, we're told, that the lyric really is intensely personal. Yes, we all want to be free to be ourselves but Candace has, thankfully, just been given the all clear from a life threatening cancer.... she truly is "free". Let's hope it stays that way.

Her new album will be a celebration of her new freedom and with a Tom Glide remix of 'Free' on the way, Candace is riding a new wave of optimism!



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sdSWAMP DOGG is not everyone's cup of soul tea! The music of the man born Jerry Williams Jr, is never an easy listen chiefly because he's never been scared to confront and challenge – musically and lyrically.

Hear that style perfectly on the first ever reissue of his 1981 album, 'I'm Not Sellin' Out, I'm Buying In'. The album was originally released on John Fahey's Takoma label and without any singles to help promote it,the 9 tracker sunk without trace (something Mr Williams was used to in his long career).

Listen in now though and you'll hear Swampy at his very best – confrontational, challenging and ironic in equal measures. Hear it right away on the anti-love song 'The Love We Got Ain't Worth Two Dead Flies' (a duet with Esther Philips) and if you want more great tiles try 'California Is Drowning And I Live Down By The River' or 'Low Friends In High Places' . Other stuff - like 'Sexy, Sexy, Sexy #3' and 'Swamping Salutations' need no explanations!

The album is out now, on Ace/Takoma

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2_badNovember sees the release of ANGIE STONE'S new album 'Dream' on Shanachie Records. In the meantime the label has just released the set's first single, a wonderfully sensuous slowie called 'Two Bad Habits'.

The cut is already being played regularly on the very best soul stations – notably Jazz FM and little wonder. It's a great piece of work and Angie's right back on top form as she soulfully coos her way through a clever lyric that lists all kinds of "bad habits".... including, of course, falling in love.

'Two Bad Habits' is available via all the usual download portals.

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garpax-sunshin-final"Sunshine Pop" is one of music's many sub-genres and like almost all of them it's hard to define and pin down. Best definition is the aural one and on a brand new 24 track compilation from Ace/Big Beat Records you'll be left in no doubt about the sweet, optimistic, harmonic nature of Sunshine Pop.

'HAPPY LOVIN' TIME' collects together two dozen tracks produced by muso Gary S Paxton. Paxton became a major figure in the Nashville country scene in the 70s, of course, but before that he worked out of Hollywood crafting pop smashes like 'Alley Oop' and 'The Monster Mash' and working with super harmony group The Association.

'Happy Lovin' Time' is a compilation taken from the vaults of Garpax Records and under Paxton's mentorship the label's roster produced a unique, "Californian", sweet, summery vibe that's now simply called "Sunshine Pop". Biggest name on the collection are The Four Freshmen. The veteran harmony group (a huge influence on Brian Wilson) offer 'Nowhere To Go' and the sound isn't a million miles away from what the groups like the Friends Of Distinction and the Fifth Dimension were recording at that time.

There's the same feel on the two tracks from a band called The Jaybees while Mary Saxton's 'Is It Better To Live Or Die' has a southern country/soul feel – posing the question "where does Sunshine Pop end and where does Blue-Eyed Soul begin?"

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tkOld school soul refuses to go away and equally the number of blue-eyed soulsters purveying it is on the increase. Latest in the line are New Orleans outfit TYLER KINCHEN & THE RIGHT PIECES.

We don't know too much about them save that they're a big live draw through the soul heartlands of the South. Their latest album is called 'Acoustic Disdrometer' (no, we don't know what it means either!) and it gets official release in October.

The long player is heralded by a totally infectious single called 'Turn It On (Electricity Bill)' which for some crazy reason reminds me a lot of Booker Newberry's 'Love Town'. And like that gem, it's a big, fun tune with a hidden magic all of its own. If you like Mayer Hawthorne, you'll love this!

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