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altBUMPUS are a hard-gigging Chicago soul and funk band led by James Johnston. However a serious case of vocal cord polyps limited Mr J's vocal ambitions so he drafted in a different lead voice ... Tina M Howell and it's Tina who fronts Bumpus' brand new EP – 'Way Down Deep'.

The mini album begins with a couple of retro funk burners – 'Already Mine' and 'Step Sure'. Interestingly, like those classic funk bands of yesteryear Bumpus keep up the tradition of splitting some of their tunes into parts 1 and 2. Here they offer one song – 'Way Down Deep' (the EP's title tune) in two segments – both very different. Part 1 is rough, tough and edgy but the meandering one and a bit minutes of part 2 slips into smooth jazz territory. Like we said interesting

BUMPUS 'WAY DOWN DEEP' is out now.




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altGIGI HAROLD is a London singer who prefers to use the simpler moniker, Gg. She debuted in February this year with the well-received EP, 'Who That Girl Is'. It was an eclectic three tracker with some pleasing horn work from veteran Kenny Wellington.

Striking while the iron is hot, Gg has just released a new single – 'Hopscotch Heart' – very different to the music on the EP. In its Rob Layman mix it's a lazy, insinuating soulful house kind of thing with a jazzy undertow. Clocking in at 7 minute plus, it's already winning club plays and augers well for the long player that we have been promised

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altLENNY HAROLD is a US soul man who spent five years working with Teddy Riley's Blackstreet. In 2016 he struck out on his own with the EP 'New Testament Mountain High' and he now follows that with a double A sided single 'Heat'/'Lover'.

Both tunes are currently winning favour Stateside with 'Heat' getting some big support.  Produced by multiple Grammy nominee, Armando Colon, it's a busy contemporary R&B/soul beater. Lenny says: "Mando had given me a few references to study while approaching the record. Such artists as: The S.O.S Band and Alexander O'Neal. As I got lost in their music, the vibe, lyrics and melodies just flowed from me. Mando heard it and was like, THATS IT! I just love how the song instantly makes you smile and move."

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altLast autumn, Brit band SAHARA made a comeback of sorts with the album 'Past Present Future'. The trio Peter Hinds, Steve Sinclair and Kevin Ellis revisited some of their 80s songs and offered plenty of fresh items too..... oh and they gave their name a subtle makeover; now they're known as SA-HA-RA.

One of 'Past Present Future's' tracks, 'Why The Hate' won plenty of airplay and consequently the cut has just been remixed and it's now readily available and winning airplay all over again. It's an optimistic, infectious pop/soul ditty with a vocal that adds a dash of real soul to proceedings. Out now!

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altIn what has to be one of 2018's most unexpected albums, SNOOP DOGG seems to have found religion! Yes, his latest release is an epic 32 track set called 'Snoop Dogg Presents Bible Of Love'. On it our man enlists a cast of biblical (geddit?) proportions to help him deliver . Naturally he calls on many of contemporary gospel's leading lights – amongst them Kim Burrell, Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, and Tye Tribbett but there are plenty of guests from the worlds of R&B and soul; indeed the tracks that feature Patti Labelle and Charlie Wilson are amongst the long player's highlights. Oddly (or not) Snoop can he heard on just a few of the cuts.

Most commentators have agreed that over 32 tracks the album is just a little too long; sharper editing would have made the whole thing more coherent and relevant. However, if old time testifying is your thing, you'll find plenty to move you here .... try the input from the Clark Sisters and Rance Allen for starters.

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