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altThe latest single from the GEORGIE B/GROOVE ASSOCIATION team is a cover of the old Jaki Graham number 'Round And Round' from UK soul sister DEBORAH BELL. Young Debs is a regular Groove Association collaborator and between them Georgie and Ms B make a great job on this revival... right on the current modern soul/retro vibe.



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altAs a new line-up of Shalamar keep doing the business, original member JODY WATLEY continues to forge ahead with her solo career.

For her latest release Jody fronts a new trio simply called SRL. Lining up alongside Ms W are Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy and between them they craft an interesting groove that is 'The Mood'. The track was written and produced by Jody and the whole thing becomes even more interesting in the mix from Italian DJ Alex Di Cio.

Jody calls the sound "a feel good blend of contemporary R&B and classic soul"... find out for yourself as the cut wins release on Avitone Recordings.

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altThe traditional hymn 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken' is one of Gospel's most recorded songs. Soul folk will most probably know and cherish the haunting rendition from the Staple Singers. An equally haunting version was cut by bluesman ROSCOE CHENIER in 2006. His acaplla take was recorded for Black and Tan Records. It was, in fact, the Louisiana born Chenier's last recording (he died in 2013) and amongst the gospel and blues community it has acquired an almost mythical status.

The track has just been reissued by Black and Tan, but for the release they've added musical backing from Dutch band, Electro Blues Society, the sparseness of which manages to enhance the ethereal quality of Chenier's original vocal. The single is out now.

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alt'Joining The Dots' is the latest album from the MARK CHERRIE QUARTET and if you're looking for something a little different to see you through a cold an miserable winter this might do the trick. You see Mark Cherrie leads the album on steel pans and the jazz sound he and John Donaldson (piano), Eric Ford (drums) and Mick Hutton (double bass) craft is both refreshing and innovative.

Mark's family hailed from Trinidad and his father, Ralph was a well known pan player in the 50s and 60s. Indeed he was one of the leading lights in establishing the Notting Hill Carnival. Naturally young Mark followed the family tradition but he also (like dad) became proficient on keyboards and went on to work with people like The Drifters and Jimmy Ruffin whilst also composing TV music for series like 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

Mark (again like his father) has always believed that the steel pans are much more than novelty and have a context that is wider than a Caribbean heritage. To prove the point Mark took John, Eric and Mick into a studio and cut 'Joining The Dots' – a serious jazz set that will raise a few eyebrows.

The 14 tracker is a mix of covers and originals. Amongst the classic jazz covers are Mark's versions of Herbie Hancock's' 'Maiden Voyage' and Wayne Shorter's 'Footprints' while he also offers his perspective on the Police's 'Walking On The Moon', the folk song 'Scarborough Fair' and Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing'. Hendrix is a particular hero of Mark's – an innovator on the guitar as he is on the pans.

Amongst the five Mark Cherrie originals is a lovely laid back 'Like Lovers Do' which features vocals from Sumudu. The interplay between the vocal and the pans is captivating on both the extended and radio mixes.

THE MARK CHERRIE QUARTET; Joking The Dots is released on Trio Records on February 2



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altSoul and R&B anoraks might recognize the name ERIN STEVENSON. Aged just 10 the Houston native was a member of Girls Tyme who were later to morph into Destinys Child – without Erin, of course.

Since then Ms S has sung bvs for people like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jamie Foxx and John Legend and she's currently working with Duran Duran (but don't hold that against her!)

She's also forging her own solo career and last autumn plenty of people were impressed with her single 'Naked' – shades of the dear old Gap Band. We were told that the track was the title tune to her upcoming album and said long player is now with us.

The 'Naked' cut still sounds good as does another dance groove, 'Work'. Sadly too much of the rest relies on too many electro effects to connect – save for one hugely, gorgeous track.... 'Hanging'. This is a sweet and soulful rolling mid-tempo groove right out of the classic Whitney bag. It's the album's clear standout. Erin's people (Top Notch Music) clearly think the same way as they begin to push it as the album's lead-off single.

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