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altWe first heard of LATOIYA WILLIAMS way back in 2003 when she duetted with Anthony Hamilton on the big, soulful ballad 'My First Love'. Since then we've not heard too much from Ms Williams save that her people tell us that she's been busy collaborating with people like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Dr Dre, Busta Rhyme, Talib Kweli, Young Buck and many more. That roll call should tell you that she's a well-respected figure on the contemporary US R&B circuit... a kind of go-to-girl to help you lift your project. But big soul names are keen to use LaToiya's talents too... she's backing singer of choice for (amongst others) Gladys Knight and Yolanda Adams.

And indeed LaToiya's latest solo album – the concise 8 tracker, 'Blue Rose', reflects that duality. Her music sits right on the cusp of modern soul and contemporary R&B. The set offers four tremendous potential dance floor fillers. The LP's title track, 'Can't Decide, 'Vintage Love' and 'One Call' will all please the modern soul crew and the R&B crowd. They're full of tight beats and luscious hooks and 'One Call', in particular, is rather wonderful... a joyous celebration of shaking off a dodgy lover!

The album also has a couple of bumpy R&B semi ballads, a big production slowie, 'Change' and a mature and classy cover of the Dinah Washington standard 'Save Your Love For Me'. On the forlorn torch song, Ms Williams proves that the time's right for her to step out of the background and take her own place centre stage... whether that be an R&B or a soul one!

LaToiya Williams- Blue Rose - Album -Out Now -

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alt2018's been a great year for US soul man CORNELL CARTER – especially in Europe and the UK. His current album 'One Love' was critically acclaimed and welcomed right across the soul community with cuts lifted and played in the very best dance emporia and the classiest soul radio stations.

One track that really caught the attention was the Soulpersonna produced 'That Feelin'' – a cut that topped all the credible soul charts.

As is the modern way, 'That Feelin'' has just been given the remix treatment – courtesy, this time, of Frankie Feliciano who takes the tune into subtle soulful house territory... great stuff and different enough to the original to merit investigation.

We're also told that the 'One Love' album's other big tune, 'That's My Baby' is to be released later this month on limited edition 7" vinyl and it should be available when CC pitches up at Putney's Soul Brother shop for a signing on November 17th.



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alt'Soundtrack From Electric Black' is the upcoming album from the JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET – and he tells us that the album is, for him, the realisation of a dream.... a big budget album, inspired by some of his musical heroes – the great movie composers like Bernard Hermann, Lalo Schifrin, John Barry and, of course, Quincy Jones.

'Electric Black' isn't actually a movie (as far as we know). It's more a concept; putatively –a kind of 70s, tough, gritty police psychological/action thing with Taylor providing the score. So, expect dark sinister tunes, hard hitting chase effects, lush love music and even jet-setting, high rolling evocations.

The album will be released on Audio Network on 30th November. In the meantime, the JTQ alongside a full orchestra will premier the music as part of the EFG London jazz Festival at the Cadogan Hall on November 21st.


BEN THERE, DONE THAT - New Ben Sidran Live Compilation Due on 16 November

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"Variety is the very spice of life," an English poet (William Cowper) once wrote, and his words ring true for Ben Sidran, whose long and varied career epitomises diversity. He's been described as a Renaissance Man due to the fact that he's not only a superb musician - a singer, songwriter, pianist, producer and record label boss - but also an author, cultural commentator,  and award-winning broadcaster. There's not much, it seems, that this affable  musical polymath can't do and at 75, he's still playing live and recordings.

His last studio album, 'Picture Him Happy,' came out last year on his own Nardis label but his latest release is a limited edition 3-CD retrospective that looks back over 40 years of Sidran's live recordings. It's called 'Ben There, Done That' and contains 27 in-concert performances recorded in six countries from the years 1975-2005. Sidran fans will discover live renditions of some of this Chicago-born musician's most popular songs, including 'Song For A Sucker Live You,' 'Let's Make A Deal,' 'The Funkasaurus,' and his indelible take on 'New York State Of Mind,' which he recorded before its songwriter Billy Joel cut his own version.

And if the music isn't enough for dedicated Sidran aficionados, there's also an absorbing 36-page booklet that comes with the set, featuring an interview with the main man himself plus reflections on him provided by Manhattan Transfer's Janis Siegel and British R&B legend, Georgie Fame.

Look out for SJF's interview with Ben Sidran coming soon...

'Ben There, Done That' will be released on 16 November via Sunset Blvd Records


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altThe recent album 'Out Of The Box' by Lori Williams was acclaimed right across the board. The long player had production input and keyboard playing from the wonderful BOB BALDWIN and now Lori returns the favour by working with Bob on his own new release... a 12 track tribute to an unknown 60s band called The Beatles (never heard of 'em!)

Bob's long player, released on City Sketches, is called 'Abbey Road' – but it's not a remake of the mop tops' album of that name; rather it's Mr B's interpretations of 11 Beatle songs alongside one Baldwin tune, called 'Abbey Road'. And if we're going to be pedantic, two of the "Beatle songs" weren't by the Beatles as a foursome. 'My Love' was actuality a Paul McCartney solo cut and 'Imagine' – well, you know!

Not that that matters 'cos what we have is lovely, smooth jazz/soul celebration of pop's greatest band (no arguments)

Lori Williams, by the way, is the featured vocalist on 'My Love' and the aforementioned 'Abbey Road' which gets to name several of the best Beatles' tunes. Album highlights include Ce Ce Peniston's vocalised version of 'Fool On The Hill' – very much in the vein of EWF and the Euge Groove sax-led take on 'Imagine'. Don't know what John Lennon would make of it but soul and jazz fans will love it... and the whole album!

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