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altSince its release JAMES DAY'S ab fab 'Groove Night' U-Nam remix album has been rinsed by soul radio jocks and dance emporia spinners... pick any track and it hits the spot!

Those who know James Day know that he likes to recycle his songs and all but two of the tunes on the album were "Day oldies". One of two newies though was a real corker - 'He's A Hurricane' with big vocals from Cheryl Pepsi Riley and sizzling sax from Joe Cunningham. The song came in two mixes and now to satisfy demand, James has unleashed a third... the five minute plus "Boogie Back" 12" mix – perfect for the floor!



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altDAVID MCLORREN is a man of many talents...Producer, keyboardist, drummer, bassist, singer and songwriter and we've seen his name appended to all kinds of releases over the last few years.

His latest offering is an intriguing instrumental 'Eighty Ate' – a play on words on the number of keys on a piano. David assures us that for the tune, he does actually use all 88 keys! Quite an achievement!

Musically the tune rides the cusp of smooth jazz and chill out. It's beautifully crafted and worth checking!

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altHD is the musical alter ego of bassist/ producer BENJAMIN RACE- long time associate of those jolly nice Doggett Brothers. We first came across Ben/HD back in 2016 when he released a pretty, jazzy and subtle neo-soul ramble, 'So Confused'. We were told back then that the song was the lead track on an imminent EP.... 'Everything Is Energy'

Such are the vagaries of the music biz that the EP never appeared (we never saw it, anyway) - but now HD is back with a 10 track album... and the title? 'Everything Is Energy'.

You won't be surprised to learn that the 'So Confused' cut is on the long player and great to be reminded how good it was – showing that here in the UK we can "do soul" with the best. Vocalist on the track is Arnob Basit and he features on three more tracks – the most recommended being 'Lately'. No, it's not the Stevie classic, but like that one it is a building ballad and in much the same vein.

Other featured vocalist includes Teisha Marie, sometime Luther Vandross collaborator Dennis Bettis and Ellison Kendrick –who fronts the new single 'Can't Explain' –very sweet; very catchy; and a lovely trumpet break.

Dancers will be delighted by 'Nothing But Love'. Fronted by the underrated Laura Jackson, this has all the classic ingredients that made the soul weekender sound so very special.

HD's 'Everything Is Energy' will be available from August 10th.... honest!

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altSYMPLI WHITNEY is the soul singing alter ego of Whitney Marshall who hails from Springfield Massachusetts. She cut her musical teeth fronting a band called The Big Bang but she put that career on hold when she joined the Army! Invalided out with an honourable discharge in 2006, she worked for an MBA in healthcare administration while performing with local bands. Then in November 2012 she struck out as Sympli Whitney and after starring in BET's Apollo Live talent show she's debuted with the album 'Ryze Of The Phoenix'.

That was back in 2016 and several singles and remixes have kept Sympli's name out there. This week, though, she's released a new album – 'Refill'. The concise 8 tracker sees her continuing where she left off; that's to say offering her own passionate take on the modern/neo-soul genre.

The track that's currently winning the plaudits is the sombre groove that is 'Echoes'. There are two mixes of it on the album. We prefer the passionate original; the remix beefs it up and is amied at the dance floor. Take your pick!

SYMPLI WHITNEY - REFILL - Released 4th Aug

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altUp in deepest, darkest Leeds, there's a lovely little label – ATA Records. Over the years they've issued some great and never-less-than interesting sounds. Like all great labels, they have a studio band of sorts – well a team of players who have featured on some/all of their stuff.

The core musicians are George Cooper, Piano; Neil Innes, Bass; Sam Hobbs, Drums; and Pete Williams, Percussion and a few months back they entered the studio for an intense two day session. The fruits of their labours are about to win a release (end of month) as THE LEWIS EXPRESS.... and that name offers a clue as to the kind of music they cooked up. Yep, the boys are big fans of classic 60s soul-jazz as delivered by people like Ramsey Lewis, Young-Holt, Ray Bryant and Cannonball Adderley. And if that's not enough to stir your interest, you shouldn't be reading this!

There are just seven tunes on the album and the one that really does evoke the memories of those golden days is 'Brother Move On ' – it's a steady groove but there are definite echoes of 'The In Crowd' and 'soulful Strut' – maybe just a little slower; tasty though!

Elsewhere 'Cancao De Momento' is (obviously) a Brazilian samba romp while 'Theme From The Watcher' is a nod to the cinematic soul-jazz of the 60s. More Ramsey Lewis flavours on 'Last Man In The Chain Gang' and for the vocal go straight to 'Straight Seven Strut' – with a French vocal right off the Left Bank of the 60s.

It's all very pleasing and clever and you can catch the Lewis Express at a music station very soon.


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