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altAt the back end of October we featured a new single from ED THE RED (soul and dance entrepreneur and owner of Bottom Line Records, Edward Goltsman). The tune was a sultry Barry White meets Isaac Hayes kind of thing, 'Giving It Up For Your Love' and we remarked that is was sort of odd for Red Ed since his first love has always been dance music.

Lo and behold... 'Giving It Up For Your Love' is back with us; this time in a "Proper House Mix" which cranks up the beats yet retains that very odd but intriguing vocal. It'll be available very soon via Traxsource and Bottom Line.

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alt'Stronger Than Pride' is the new single from US songbird LINA. Lina recently enjoyed success with her single 'Best Friend' -a UK top 5 soul single but the young singer believes that the big ballad that is 'Stronger Than Pride' will fare even better. You see the song is the main and recurring theme to a new US movie.... 'Love Jacked'.

Don't think the movie will bother people like Mark Kermode, but the soundtrack album features great and classic songs from the likes of Bruno Mars, EWF, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations and Lina is proud to be featured alongside such icons.

'Stronger Than Pride' is a stately ballad sung with conviction and what's more proceeds from the single will help support the WHY Music Campaign.

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altFor their latest single, dance dons, LOS CHARLY'S ORCHESTRA have teamed up with Brit soul maestro, OMAR. Their collaboration is an energy–fuelled dancer, 'Fire'. It's a 21st century take on the glitter ball era as the two mixers suggest.... the "Neo Soul Disco" mix and the "Classic Disco" mix. Not much to choose between them... depends whether you like femme choruses and linn drums. There is, of course, an instrumental rendition too.

FIRE – Los Charly's Orchestra Feat. Omar released on Imagenes Recordings ... 9th Nov

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altGIGI HAROLD is a London singer who prefers to use the simpler stage name, Gg. She debuted in February this year with the well-received EP, 'Who That Girl Is'. It was an eclectic three tracker with some pleasing horn work from veteran Kenny Wellington. Gg also enjoyed some success with the album '4am Angel' from which the single 'Hopscotch Heart' turned quite a few heads... a sort of lazy, insinuating soulful house kind of thing with a jazzy undertow.

Well Ms Harold has just released a new EP that offers a remix of 'Hopscotch Heart' alongside a mix of 'Daisy Chains' ... oddly entitled "long hot summer remix"... impeccable timing. There's also a retooling of another of Gg's earlier songs, 'When I'm Falling'.

All mixes come courtesy of Rod Layman and the Gg Remix EP is out now.



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altBack in September we announced that Scouse soul girl (yes, she's originally from Liverpool!) MARSHA AMBROSIUS was gearing up to release a new album ... her first for four years and light years away, it seems, from her time with Floetry.

The album announcement came with the single 'Luh Ya'. It was a complex but elegant neo soul groove with subtle harmonies... and if it floated your boat the 15 track album will take you on an extended cruise because there's plenty more of those carefully-crafted, multi-layered neo-soul sounds. And as is the way with neo-soul sets you get a couple of those short interludes; one of which is the album title track, 'Nyla'. Nyla is Marsha's daughter and the whole set is meant to be informed by the joys, the trials and the tribulations of motherhood.

Most of the music is downbeat (they only time it gets over the beat parapet is on the percussive 'I Got It Bad') but throughout, the vocals and harmonies are flawless. Song construction and delivery all reminded me of Michael Jackson... hardly surprising when we remember that Marsha was one of MJ's favourite writers – grab a listen to his 'Butterflies' to hear what I mean.

MARSHA AMBROSIUS' 'NYLA' is out now on E1 Entertainment.

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