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altIf you've dropped in on US satellite/internet soul radio recently chances are that you will have heard a bumpy but sweet soul groove called 'Trust Me' from ANISSA HARGROVE. Chances are too that you'll think the tune has a bit of familiarity – quite right; it's loosely based around the rhythm track of Ralph Tresvant's 'Sensitivity'.

'Trust Me' is the focus cut on Washingtonian Anissa's upcoming long player. Other tasty (leaked) tunes include the dramatic 'Love' and the sweet ballad, 'Dream' –an old school soul duet with Jerroll Christopher.

ANISSA HARGROVE's 'Trust Me' is available to download now.

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altImagination man, LEEE JOHN made a comeback of sorts last year with his 'Retropia' album. He told us that the set was going to be his swan song... the big goodbye! However it's not turned out quite that way.

Since the release Mr. John has enjoyed high level exposure both on TV and in the music press and a couple of singles from the album have kept Leee right out there. Now he's released a third single from the album – his version of the classic 1977 Junior Murvin/Lee Scratch Perry tune 'Police And Thieves'. Produced by Dennis Bovell, Leee says that despite the passage of time, the message of the song is still hugely relevant.

As ever, the single comes in a welter of mixes and as ever you pays your money etc.... On a tangent, now, if you've not checked out 'Retropia', then try and grab a listen to the track 'The Best I Could' – a beautiful, falsetto-led soul ballad!

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altUK soul legend KENNY THOMAS returns to the fray with a brand new single that's all ready winning plays all over the place and getting "Record Of The Week" tags on all the credible soul stations.

Tune in question is a bright and boppy beater, 'Your Love' and its feel good feel is perfect for Ken's heartfelt vocals. Kenny's been road testing the song on his live shows and he tells us that it's been getting a great response.

'Your Love' is taken from KT's upcoming long player and it comes in a radio edit, a Simon Grey mix and a big Opolopo edit that borrows from the System's 'You Are In My System' (we think!)

The tune will be officially available from 25th May.... though it is out right now via Traxsource

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altBillboard readers and followers of contemporary gospel will know all about ANTHONY BROWN AND GROUP THERAPY. The ensemble's latest single 'I Got That' is currently enjoying three Billboard gospel music nominations as it rises to the top of American gospel charts (both sales and airplay). Boasting what we're told is the new "trap beat" sound, the lyrics celebrate traditional triumph-over-tribulation motifs though the sound is totally contemporary and urban.

The song is the centrepiece of the outfit's latest album, 'A Long Way From Sunday ' which offers plenty more of the same groundbreaking urban gospel sounds though traditional call and response and classic harmonic gospel music is never far way.



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altBorn just outside Lafayette, Louisiana DWIGHT JAMES leads a real double life. By day he works full-time as a service agent for a car rental company at the Lafayette airport. Every day he gets down and dirty scrubbing cars, pumping tyres and filling petrol tanks. By night and in his free time he works long and hard celebrating his Louisiana/Creole musical heritage!

You see young Dwight fronts his own remarkable band – the ROYALS (Blake Pujol (guitar), Edward Paul Coussan (bass), Gino Vallecillo (drums), Mikey Chouest (keys), and Denise "That Beast" Gobert (background vocals/aux percussion).

Through his music Dwight attempts to use the soul, Zydeco and R&B sounds of yesteryear to craft a contemporary take on Louisiana heritage music

Earlier this year Dwight James and The Royals fronted Lafayette's Festival International's 2018 official Kick Off party. It was there where the group launched their first extended play, titled 'Need Your Loving.' The set's title track is a moody, broody four minutes worth of authentic southern soul flooded with Cajun guitar and Muscle Shoals flavoured brass. Expect a surprising mood change half way through! 'Waiting All Day' is another nostalgia-fired homage to southern soul as it was and you'll hear more of the same across the mini album's other three cuts.

If you despair that "authentic" music has gone by the wayside, you could do worse than check out Dwight James and the Royals. Do so @



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