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altThere's many a soul buff who appreciates the melodic harmony work of country and pop duo THE EVERLY BROTHERS and when Don and Phil split up to pursue their own careers much of their solo work had a distinctive blue-eyed soul feel.

Reissue label, Morello have just released two PHIL EVERLY albums as a "twofer". They are 1974's 'There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby' and 'Mystic Line' from the following year. Both were recorded in England with Terry Slater as co-producer and with backing from the cream of the then UK session scene.

The 23 tracker is stuffed with polished, classy pop with a blue-eyed soul undertow, typified by the ballad 'Goodbye Line'. It would be interesting to know, though what die hard Everly fans make of the reggae-infused version of the classic 'When Will I Be Loved'.



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alt'A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure' is an exciting, upcoming album from a "new" collective- DETROIT RISING. The team, though, are hardly newcomers. Indeed the majority of the band are players who've worked with or are still working the whole Parliament-Funkadelic collective. Amongst the crew are drummer Gabe Gonzalez, keyboardist Danny Bedrosian, guitarist Blackbyrd McKnight and sax man Greg Thomas. The vocalists include B Vintage, Stephen Boyd and Sue Ann-Cardwell and apart from the Parliament-Funkadelic axis, the performers have worked with amongst others Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Herbie Hancock, Prince and Miles Davis.

With a pedigree like that you won't be surprised to know that the music is cutting edge, off-the-wall, spaced-out jazz funk. It's all in here.... funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, rock n roll and a lot more.

DETROIT RISING; 'A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure' is released on Down Jazz on 30th March

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altTHE MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY are a little-known "supergroup"... little-known because they don't play or record together all that often.

At various times the band number Toto's Steve Lukather, Deep Purple's Steve Morse and Dream Theatre's John Petruccci. Marshalled by Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox, they're also joined at times by virtuosos Albert Lee, Jay Graydon and Steve Vai.

The team have just released an eponymous 13 track long player and it's a master class in guitar-led, blues-infused rock and soul. All the tracks are instrumentals and the repertoire is never less than interesting. Amongst the featured tunes are takes on 'The In Crowd', 'Baby Please Don' t Go' , 'Memphis Tennessee', 'Cryin' Time' and 'I Want You Back' and we can guarantee you've never heard treatments like this – especially the spin on the Jackson 5 song!

'The Mutual Admiration Society' is out now on Favoured Nations Records via the Mascot label. Two other current Mascot release that might interest fans of this genre are The Koch Marshall Trio's 'Toby Arrives' and Michael Landau's 'Rock Bottom'.

Find out more @

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altScots sax man JIMMY GALLAGHER is a legend in his own lunchtime! He started playing aged just 10 in his father's pub, graduated to a band called Moroccan Coco (honest) before gigging with Wet Wet Wet.

After stints in London and Germany, young James ended up in Mallorca playing the club and bars but regularly returning to London where he's in demand as a top session player. Last year he broke out on his own with the single 'Soul City Theme'. Backed by the "Soul City Orchestra" the cut was a stomping success which Mr G now follows up with a big, beefy dancer – 'Are You Ready For This?'

It's an hypnotic affair, maybe best described as Philadelphia meets Northern soul. It' stuffed with catchy, familiar musical clichés... but nothing wrong with that!

Backed by 'Play To Win', the single will be available via DSG from February 23rd. Recommended.



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altIt was a big tune last year.... we're talking about the RANDY ROBERTS & RICHARD BURTON wonderful cover of the old O'Jays song 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN' (originally the B-side to the group's 'Livin' For The Weekend', we think).

Released on DJ Spen's Quantize Records, its success was down to the clever 21st century updating of that very special Philly feeling. As is the modern way, the track was remixed – most notably by Philly fan Nigel Lowis and his tweaks brought 'Stairway' greater success across the nation's dance floors.

Proving that a great tune never goes away, Quantize have commissioned new mixes of the track from Mr Lowis and they've just become available alongside his original tweaks.

The new mixes are tagged the "10th Street Mixes" and they combine the soulful vocals with a harder 80's Chicago House groove. They're issued alongside the original Lowis mixes and together make an irresistible, dance-friendly package.

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