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alt'Hands Up for Canton Mississippi' is the latest and much (rightly) hyped release from soul and gospel singer CECI MUNETTE. Ms Munette, we're told, hails from San Diego and has worked with gospel choirs the world over.

In 2018 whilst studying for a Masters in Music Performance at the University of West London, she met British Soul Standard label boss and Soulnaturals writer/producer Tony Cannam. Their mutual love of soul and gospel meant they hit it off straight away and so they began working on an album – due later this year.

'Hands Up for Canton Mississippi' is the set's lead single and it's a driving soul/gospel workout inspired by the Civil Rights movement backing of US fast food workers to receive a living wage. For sure, it's real, old school soul and in Ms Munette, Soul Standard have found a powerful, new soul diva. The release also features an energized soulful Nu-Disco remix from Tony Cannam's Soulnaturals alter ego.

'Hands Up For Canton Mississippi' will be released on 12th Apr 2019 on British Soul Standard

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altODED NIR is a bass player, producer, remixer and electronic live artist from Amsterdam. He also runs Suntree Records and that (obviously) is the label for his upcoming long player –'Rooftop Conversations'. To whet our appetites, Mr N has just released the title cut –a mellow, jazzy, dance groove that features the oh so cool trumpet of Ms Saskia Laroo (dubbed as the 'Lady Miles Davis').

It's not your average soulful house track – more your typical jazzy house track but it's intriguing and beguiling, Oded says: "'Rooftop Conversations' is a creative discussion between artists and their instruments. It's a track that will stimulate your alpha waves to create a relaxed and laid back state of mind."... there you go – see if you agree by investigating when the cut wins release on March 22nd.

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altSinger/writer/keyboardist MICHAEL WYCOFF died on Wednesday 13th March. Michael was 63 and he passed away as a result of pancreatic cancer. Michael, of course, will always be remembered for his hit 'Looking Up To You'.

Born in Torrance, California, Michael worked out of LA. As a youngster he was part of the gospel choir that featured on Stevie Wonder's 'Songs In the Key Of Like' album. Subsequently, he was chiefly active as a solo singer in the early 80s. It was his second solo album, 'Love Conquers All' that featured 'Looking Up To You' (sampled later, you'll remember by Zhane on 'Hey Mr DJ').

In the later 80s Michael was beset by addiction problems but he turned himself around via his commitment to the church. He eventually became Minister of Music at several Los Angeles area churches.

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altTrumpeter FARNELL NEWTON is one of soul and jazz's unsung heroes. Now based in Portland, Oregon and a renowned music educator, he's played with big names across all kinds of genres, most notably Jill Scott, Bootsy Collins, Lalah Hathaway, Ron Isley, R. Kelly, Cee Lo Green, Fantasia, Gladys Knight, Charlie Wilson, Chaka Khan, Najee, Will Downing, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire and more recently Jarrod Lawson.

Right now though Mr N is busy promoting his latest solo outing '7 Days Of Rain'. He tells us that he knows all about rain... Portland gets 43 inches of rain on average in a year and 154 rainy days per year. So the album is a kind of homage – we might even say a "concept" album - to the wet stuff!

You see the album has just seven tracks – with 6 named for each day of the week and all the tunes in different ways perfectly capture the mood of gentle rainy days – lazy and laconic with lashings of rain effects behind Farnell's emotive horn. The "odd" tune is a lovely, clever and laid-back treatment of Bobby Hebb's 'Sunny'. Ironically it opens the rain drenched long player and though you've heard dozens of covers of 'Sunny' I heartily recommend this version to you. Umbrellas at the ready.

The band on the album, by the way, is Farnell Newton (trumpet and bass), Jason Fabus (Alto Saxophone), B. Lee aka BrandonLee (Tenor Saxophone), Tristan Burns, (Tenor Saxophone) and Mané Fernandes (Guitar) and '7 Days Of Rain' is available now on Farnell's LofiJazzSoul label.

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altFollowers of UK soul/jazz guitar maestro DAVE MASCALL will be familiar with his tune, 'What You Want To Be'. The jazzy, housey tune featured on his very first 'Acid Lounge' album and recently he resurrected it on his last long player – 'Acid Lounge 5' (see our reviews archive). Dave clearly likes its vibe and to make his point he's released it as a single in a new, faster 123bpm Franklin D mix. As you can imagine it really zips along but has lost nothing of its jazz feel while Julia Quinn's vocal remains upfront. It's available now via Dave's web site.

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