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altTONY MOMRELLE is one of the hardest working men in the UK soul business! An acclaimed solo artist in his own right, he's worked with all kinds of people – from the legendary Earth Wind and Fire to Sade and, of course, Incognito. Then there's Tony's wonderful work with Reel People and his recent collaboration with Ralf Gum.

At the moment, he's concentrating on his own career with the very imminent (March 1st) launch of his latest single – an energized 70s flavoured 'Rising Up' . It's a funky old beater, stuffed with brass breaks that ride over complex rhythms. Then of course there's that remarkable voice.... a little Donny H, a little Stevie W but one hundred per cent Tony M!

Tony says: "Rising up is a song about shaking off the old and embracing the new, letting go of things, situations & even people that may hold you back. It's a song for the soul, a song of self realisation." He also tells us that the single is the debut release on his own record label, Vibe 45 Records, which will also release the parent album.

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altWay back in 1982 GREGG JACKSON and the STRIKE FORCE BAND released the lovely 'One For The Road'. Sadly despite its loveliness, it didn't do too much but, of course, it eventually became a rare groove classic and hugely collectable.

Mr Jackson always beloved in the tune.... and why not... it's a corker ... so he recently commissioned UK mix maestro NIGEL LOWIS to rework it.... and Mr L's two new tweaks become available on 28th February.

The two new mixes are "uptown" and "downtown" and you can guess the respective tempos – but both have lashings of lovely Philly flavours with just a hint of 'Me And Mrs Jones' on the "downtown" tweak and that in itself should be enough to merit investigation.




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altRALF GUM impressed all and sundry with his last album, 2014's 'In My City' The genial German music maker/DJ/producer proved he'd come a long way since his emergence in the 90s. Back then he was a top soulful house spinner/mixer. He starred at any number of Southport Weekenders and graced venues worldwide.... he's big in the States, Ibiza and, of course, Japan!

In 2008 Ralf relocated to South Africa –a country which he freely admits is "the most vibrant dance nation I know globally" and his music began to diversify. He admits that he started to focus less on rhythm and more on the essence of the song and though what he created remained totally danceable it developed a more crossover appeal, winning fans right across the soul spectrum.

Underlining that evolution Ralf's latest long player is called 'Progressions' and like 'In My City', though the music is rooted in soulful house, there is also plenty of variety and shading. Equally, like 'In My City', Ralf has brought in plenty of "names" to help him flesh out his ideas. From a soul perspective, most interesting collaborator is Tony Momrelle who adds his Stevie Wonder-ish tones to the lovely 'Ready For Love'... a tune, like a lot on the album, that will please both the modern soul crowd and the more sophisticated house heads.

Amongst the other guests are Paul Randolph ('We Repeat'), Lady Alma ('A Time And A Place' and South African superstars Mafikizolo who feature on the lead single, 'Uyakhala'.

Ralf says: "Progressions captures a lot of life changes for me and now finally feeling fully settled in my South African environment, I am grateful how the album both lyrically and musically reflects the different moods and experiences I have lived through during the last 4 years, all thanks to my amazing collaborators." The album is out now on Ralf's own GoGo label.

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altLondon based blue eyed soulstress GIGI HAROLD is a busy lady. She's pursuing her own solo career as GG and is also fast becoming the go-to girl for collaborating. She recently teamed up with Austrian producer STJ for 'Fall In Love With You Anyway' and now she can be heard fronting a new tune 'Out Of A Dream' from Bristol team BLACKJACK.

Blackjack is headed by Daniel Ankrah (his CV includes work with Circle of Funk, Robert Owens and Artful Dodger) and his 'Out Of A Dream' is available to download now.

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altBefore Brexit happens, if it ever does, there's a chance to grab a slice of Gallic soul/jazz courtesy of French muso, Stéphane d'Esposito – better known in the soul world as NEO.... you'll know his work with Rudi Wilburn and his mixing collaboration with Drizabone.

His latest offering is a meandering, atmospheric single 'Je t'aime', which I believe means "I love you" – yes those years at one of the nation's finest universities weren't wasted! It's an odd sound featuring a bonkers French lady and some crazy guitar over a quasi Barry White backdrop... another to file under "interesting" and out now!


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