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alt'Horn Rock And Funky Guitar Grooves' is the newest compilation from Ace/BGP. The thesis behind the 17 tracker is that in or around 1968 many US rock bands turned their back on progression and psychedelia and attempted to go back to the soul and jazz that they'd grown up hearing.

The term "horn rock", the BGP people tell us, refers to rock bands that boasted horns sections – like, say Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago Transit Authority (latterly just Chicago). Indeed Blood Sweat and Tears are one of the featured bands. Their offering is 1973's 'Roller Coaster' while band founder Al Kooper (he only lasted with them for one album with them!) delivers another of the compilation's key cuts... the Hayes/Porter song 'Toe Hold'.

Other featured bands include Lighthouse, Chase, The Sons, The Flock, Black Magic and The Electric Flag – most new, I'd guess, to soul collectors, but what they deliver does, in places, have a soulful quality.

Soul folk will be more comfortable with the inclusions from Tower Of Power ('Clever Girl') and Delaney and Bonnie's Stax outing 'It's Been A Long Time Coming' (which features all the key Stax studio players)

Horn Rock And Funky Guitar Grooves is out now on BGP

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altRICHARD ALEXANDER DAVIS is a classically trained piano player/singer /song writer and the cousin of the late reggae star Sugar Minott. His CV includes working in the band Mixed Breed and playing the club circuit. In the 1990's Richard signed to Hysteria Records as a solo artist and charted with 'Don't Stop Believing, Party On' in 1995. It was followed by 'Deep Inside'. He then went on to collaborate with people like Eddy Grant, The Night Crawlers, Omar, Slick, The Real Thing and even Janet Jackson.

Mr A has a couple of solo albums under his belt and right now is promoting his latest single –a retro soul groove, 'Set It Off' which proves his love of the real old school! To make the point even stronger, the tune also comes in a "back to the 80z" mix (with or without rap) and there's also a "jump up" mix.

'Set It Off' is one of those odd soul tunes, which, though, you can't exactly say why just does the trick! It's a proper ear worm that just won't go away and it will be available from 30th August!

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altThe fab 4 TOPS are up there with the greatest soul groups of all time – a reputation based on their garlanded Motown career and subsequent tenure at ABC/Dunhill.

Despite loosing Levi Stubbs, Obie Benson, and Lawrence Payton, original member Duke Fakir has worked tirelessly to keep the group's name up there – touring and occasionally recording. One of those recordings 'East West' (recorded for Jenny Jenny Records in the mid 2000s) was acclaimed by fans but seemed to slip under most soul radars. A gentle ballad, featuring "new" members Ronnie McNeir and former Temptation Theo Peoples, it deserved to be heard by more fans.

Well now they have the chance... it's the feature song on a compilation called 'Motor City Hits' – first released in 2011, but now being repromoted. Most of the cuts are Motown covers by people like LJ Reynolds and Paul Hill but the Tops' tune really stands out - confusingly the song's been renamed 'Miles Away' but it still sounds good.



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altRAPHAEL SAADIQ has just launched his latest album – his fifth solo outing – 'Jimmy Lee'. Described as "quirky" and "genre-bending" and featuring radio tuning sound effects, the collection is a personal tale of family members lost to drugs, violence, and social injustice. Amongst the guests on the album is Kendrick Lamar.

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altLatest single from MARC STAGGER'S wonderful album 'Let's Go Out Tonight' is a new mix of one of the LP's big tunes.... 'Saving My Love For You' . For the release Marc and co-producer Reggie Staggers have kept all the soulful integrity of the original but added some slinky sax (courtesy of Reggie) to give the cut a smooth, proper late night feel.

Marc, of course, featured on the recent DSG Thames cruise where he confirmed what most soul buffs already knew – yep... he's a real contender!

MARC STAGGERS - SAVING MY LOVE FOR YOU-(Reggie Staggers Remix) out now

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