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altBLÉZ CLOE is a soul singer who hails from Washington DC. We first heard of her via her collaboration with Bey Bright on his 'Nu Indie Soul Volume 3' album. Right now Ms C is striking out on her own with the sensual 80s flavoured tune, 'Man Crush Everyday'. The song ha just been released on Regi Myrix's Myrix Media Group label. Regi has enjoyed success in the past with things like Kim Tibbs' 'Soul!' - an Official U.K. Soul Chart Number #1 Hit and Noel Gourdin's 'No Worries' Remix (with Hil St Soul) - a Number#2 Official U.K. Soul Chart.

'Man Crush Everyday' is winning support and could well follow in those footsteps.... the track's taken from the singer's debut album which is due later this year.

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altBack in 2016 we spotlighted Texan soulstress K.AVETT (pronounced "kay uh vet") and her debut album 'K.Avett: Revelations' from which the single – the double A side 'Show Me'/'Alone' won plenty of support for its kind of Jill Scott meets Conya Doss jazzy/neo soul flavours.

Right now the singer is preparing for the release of her sophomore album, 'Lioness' from which the lead single 'Feelin' Good' / 'The Matter' has just become available. 'Feelin' Good' is lazy jazz-soul ramble very much in the mode of the aforementioned Jill Scott while 'The Matter' has a more complex, layered sound to it. Both, though, have a summery vibe – most welcome at this still chilly time of year!


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altRICARDO BACELAR is a noted Brazilian pianist/composer/arranger. He began his music career in rock band Hanoi Hanoi but in 2001 he jumped ship, embraced jazz and released his first solo album, 'In Natura'. Then he returned to his trained profession.... he's a fully qualified lawyer – and devoted his energies to working on copyright and intellectual property cases. Music, though, beckoned and in 2016 he "cameback" with 'Concerto Para Moviola'.

Ricardo has now released his most ambitious project - 'Sebastiana' – a 15 track set that celebrates the whole gamut of Latin American music from a Brazilian perspective. That said, the long player was actually recorded in Miami, a city that Senor Barcelar calls "the centre of Latin music". There he assembled a team to create a music that honours the roots of Brazilian music yet incorporates each individual player's culture and musical heritage.

Produced by Brazilian bassist Cesar Lemos, the players on 'Sebastiana' include Venezuelan Anderson Quintero (drums), Cuban percussionist Yoel del Sol ,Colombians Channo Tierra (accordion) and Jose Sibaja (trumpet) and American pedal steel guitarist Steve Hinson while vocalists number Brazilians Ros Max and Ramatis Moraes and Americans Maye Osorio .

The album boasts two tunes penned by Bacelar and Lemos with the remaining 13 tracks coming from the catalogues of some of Brazil's most celebrated composers.... amongst them Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins, Flora Purim, Lo Borges, Tom Jobim, Victor Martins and Milton Nascimento whose lovely 'Nothing Will Be As It Was' is the album's lead focus single. The track has a haunting, ethereal quality heightened by Hinson's pedal steel and Osorio's sensual vocal.

Bacelar says: "When I recorded this album, I wanted to pay homage to Brazilian music presenting distinct performances of Latin American musicians who put elements of their own cultures into the fusion of influences. That fusion of elements of cultures and influences in a recording turns the music into a transmission vehicle of knowledge." You can read more of Bacelar's music philosophy in the lavish booklet that accompanies the album.



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altGreat news for all proper soul fans! The mighty, mighty TEMPTATIONS have announced that they'll soon be releasing a brand new studio album –their first in over eight years!

'All The Time' hits the sales racks on May 4th and we're told that the set marks a subtle change of direction for the Emperors of Soul. You see the bulk of the tracks are covers of songs from leading contemporary artists like Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. There are also songs originally recorded by Maxwell and someone called Michael Jackson! There will also be three new, original Temptations songs.

The producer is Dave Darling known for his work with, among others, Glen Campbell, Brian Setzer, Tom Waits, and Janiva Magness and the Tempts current lineup is Otis Williams, Ron Tyson, Terry Weeks, Larry Braggs, and Willie Greene.

The album's digital format includes two tracks available for immediate download and streaming today (Friday 16th March) with album preorder, as well as two bonus track remixes.

Full review here at SJF just as soon as we have our copy!



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altSometime Heatwave lead singer, DONOVAN BLACKWOOD impressed all comers with his lovely 'Never Gonna Let You Go' and 'All My Life' from last year. The in-demand Donovan, fresh from work with the British Collective, is now set to release a new single that couples 'Everybody But Me' with 'Break My Back'. 'Break....' was previously available on Donovan's 5 track EP. In fairness neither song is as immediately impressive as 'Never Gonna Let You Go' but they repay continued plays.

'Everybody But Me' is an insistent groove that rides in over a bubbling bass line; 'Break My Back' is tougher... ponderous even , but on both the Brit soul quotient is high.

Right now Mr B is getting ready to support Shalamar and Hot Chocolate on tour while he also has a cameo role in Steven Spielberg's new movie 'Ready Player One'. Donovan plays a gospel singer..... excellent casting!

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