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altTIM BOWMAN is a Church-trained acoustic guitarist and he's about to release a new smooth jazz album – 'Into The Blue'.

The long player is being heralded by a sweet little song, 'My Heart To You'. The gentle swayer features a lithe vocal from Angela Johnson. Tim says: "When I first heard Angela sing, I was taken by the tone and quality of her voice, so it was an honour to work with her, also she has a kind and beautiful heart."

'My Heart To You' is available to download now and the album's out early September.



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altUK soul connoisseurs have known about GREG BLACKMAN since his work with Mr Bird (DJ Steve Bird). On Bird's 2014 long player 'Lo Fi Classics', Greg fronted 'Over Again' and 'Where Did The Party Go?' Both tunes in original and remix formats scaled all the credible UK soul charts, leaving soul collectors wanting more from Greg.

The good news is that Mr Blackman's been back in the studio and, working with Ramrock Records, he's all set to unleash a new single..... a moody, soul-fuelled 'Never Trust Another Man Again'. It's a heavy song... an expressive, melancholic social commentary. Greg is serious about what he does: "The original role of soul music as ballsy big bold protest music of protest that spoke out against oppression is what I'm about. Being a white man singing political music of black origin and how to juggle those seemingly opposing elements is what I'm aiming for." Greg opined to us.

The original tune will be available early September on Ramrock Blue 7" vinyl. The equally moving Ashley Beedle haunting jazz North Street Remix featuring Duncan Mackay on trumpet and the Stripped Back Remix will only be available as part of the digital EP.

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alt'Sparkle' from DIMITRIS and SULENE has been one of this summer's big tunes. The title track to their album, Dimitris Dimopoulos and Sulene Fleming have crafted a real gem! (geddit?).

If you want more, the lovely little shiner has just become available in three new remixes. First up is a soulful house tweak from Sunwalker... lovely, jazzy, and summery! Then there's a re-tooling courtesy of Paris Cesvette.... big bass line, thumping beats and a throw your hands in the air feeling! Finally the sophisticated soul crowd will, I guarantee, LOVE the Soulpersonna mix... right on the current modern soul vibe.... nothing not to like!

And don't forget the original sparkling 'Sparkle' and the album!!!



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altHD is the alter ego of UK soul muso Benjamin Race and young Ben is currently putting the final gloss on an album he's set to release in September. In the meantime, as a taster, he just released a single ... 'You Give Me Life'... and wow... how tasty!

The tune is a slinky, smooth, slow jam with Jim Macrae on drums and Greg Doggett on guitar but the cherry on this sweet soul cake is the vocal of a certain DENNIS BETTIS.

Proper soul connoisseurs will know that Mr Bettis is a two-time Grammy nominated songwriter. Dennis has written for such greats as Luther Vandross, Charlie Wilson, Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill and more recently he's worked with Soulpersonna.

He brings real class and super soul sophistication to 'You Give Me Life'. This one demands investigation.

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alt'Don't You Want My Love' is the latest outing from dance legend DAVID MORALES. For the cut New York's finest goes back to his Disco roots, unleashing a breathtaking cover version of the late 70's Debbie Jacob's classic disco tune. The cut was an ever present in his DJ box and knowing it was a floor filler, Morales decided to recreate it under his "The Face" moniker. Helping him deliver this heavy hitter is vocalist Nicki Richards.

The Face's 'Don't You Want My Love' comes in two mixes – a proper "disco" mix and a thumping "Glitterbox" mix which clocks in at over ten minutes. For the faint hearted there's a shorter radio edit!

'Don't You Want My Love' is out now on Def Mix Music.

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