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altLatest offering from the SED SOUL crew is a tough, danceable set from DJ FRICTION. Mr "FRICTION" was born in 1970 near Stuttgart in Southwest Germany. He began mixing and collecting records in the mid 80s and has released a number of albums across a number of soul-based genres.

His latest effort is simply titled 'Boogie Some More' and, in short, that tells you what it's all about... right...unashamed disco boogie!

Standout to us here at SJF is a tuneful 'All Night Long'.... nothing to do with dear old Lionel R – more Booker Newberry and other great 80s Weekender folk! Elsewhere (try 'Funkin' On The One') it's more Gap Band meets George Clinton but everywhere you'll hear foot tappers, head nodders and calls to the floor. It's all very retro but rather good retro and it's available right now! Interesting cover art too!!!

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altOne of this year's best-received soul sets has been SIMON LAWS' 'Look To The Sky'. The sometime SOUL II SOUL man crafted a varied and satisfying set from which the Lain Gray vocalised 'Message Of Love' was picked up and played out by savvy radio and club DJS.

The tune has now won a remix courtesy of Nigel Lowis and you can probably guess that Mr. L gives the cut a Philly, 70s feel that offers new perspective to the timely lyric.




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altJULIAN WEIR is a musician/composer/keyboardist from Sydney, Australia and his latest project is an intriguing album, 'Vista'. Julian has worked in all kinds of genres and we're told that 'Vista' was intended as a Gospel set. However, listening long and hard to the Crystals'' 'Da Doo Ron Ron', he changed tack and decided to create a soundscape that combined the pop/soul energy of that classic. Then, he changed tack again and decided that the music on the collection would be presented in a kind of Kool and the Gang way... that's to say to drive each tune's melody along on a horn line!

Julian also tells us that while working on the album he was listening to the Beatles and the work of cinematic maestro Bernard Hermann. You can probably guess that the end result is ... well, eclectic!

The album opens with a catchy smooth jazz groove, '8th Street Shuffle' and never mind the Crystals, Kool and the Gang, the Fab 4 or Mr Hermann, the sound is a sort of Chris Botti meets Bob James! That though is just one flavour.... 'Vista' is, like we said, "eclectic". Each track offers something quite different though the three vocals – 'Dreaming Of Paradise', 'Mystery Face' (both of which feature Holly Tee) and 'Early April' have a lazy late 60s pop sensibility to 'em.

This is no standard cup of soul tea, though if your ears are adventurous you may well connect with something on 'Vista'. It's available via all the usual portals.

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altThere are any number of compilations out there bringing together songs that influenced and/or were covered by the BEATLES in their early days.

Proper Records have just released a "fab", 3 CD, 60 track collection that is possibly the most comprehensive. It features music that the we know the young John, Paul, George, Ringo and Pete (Best) cherished and stuff that they covered in their own inimitable way – on stage, in live recordings at the BBC and, of course, on their early long players.

There's plenty of rock n roll from people like Elvis, Larry Williams, Little Richard and Buddy Holly; a whiff of rockabilly from Carl Perkins and Johnny Burnette and stacks of early soul – including Barrett Strong's 'Money', The Cookies' 'Chains', Arthur Alexander's 'Anna', the Miracles' 'You Really Got A Hold On Me' and the Isley Brother's 'Twist And Shout' for which the collection is named. Lots more as well – all conspiring to shape a band that helped shape the culture of the second half of the 20th century

Beatles collectors will point at a few omissions – maybe room could have been found for the Donays' 'Devil In His/Her heart' or the Shirelles' 'Boys' but what is here paints a wonderful sonic portrait of an crucial time in the evolution of popular music.

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alt'Naked' is the latest release from soul wannabee ERIN STEVENSON... who (some may remember) at just aged 10 was part of Girls Tyme who later morphed into Destiny's Child! (Sadly without Erin!)

'Naked' complete with flavours of the Gap Bands/Kenny Thomas' 'Outstanding' is already winning favour with club jocks and it's currently available via al the usual download portals.

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