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CJ_Evrythng_frt_cvr_2CHRIS JASPER is a true soul hero. In the 70s and 80s, of course, he was an integral member of the ISLEY BROTHERS. He helped shape their remarkable and unique sound and wrote and produced classics like 'For The Love Of You' and 'Between The Sheets'. As one third of the spin-off ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY, CHRIS was also responsible for the anthemic 'Caravan Of Love'. He's worked solo since 1998 and regularly crafts albums that are treasured by soul collectors. The good news is that he's just released his latest solo album – 'Everything I Do' – on his own Gold City Music label and the 10 tracker is stuffed with quality modern soul.

CHRIS has also found time to work on a new album from his son – MICHAEL JASPER. Young MIKE'S LP is called 'Addictive' and daddy JASPER contributes talkbox and background vocals as well as acting as co-producer. 'Addictive' is also out on Gold City Music and it's a heady mix of soulful pop and techno and includes a tribute to the allied forces currently serving abroad. Full reviews of both albums on SJF very soon... in the meantime go to for more info.



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unsignedWith Christmas almost upon us, two of SJF's favourite indie soul labels have launched pre-Christmas sales right across their ranges.

First up, SOUL UNSIGNED has a remarkable offer. From now till the end of December, all the albums in their catalogue can be purchased for just £6 – including post and packaging to anywhere in world! So if you've missed any of the original UNSIGNED series, or the three contemporary soul sets, or the Urban Soul Connection album, or the individual artist albums and the DJ compilations – here's the time to enjoy some great soul at a giveaway price. For more details go to

Over in Europe, Italy's splendid little RECORD KICKS label are offering a big 20% discount on all their product... for more info on this one go to



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dellsEven many of their longest-standing fans have been unaware that THE DELLS have some exceptional Christmas music in their repertoire. Way back in 1993 the group cut a couple of beautiful, warm, original Christmas songs – 'Spending Our Christmases Together' and 'Cause It's Christmas Time'. Both, naturally, feature stunning harmony vocals with the former being written by the  group's baritone MICKEY MCGILL with wife ROSE and the latter penned by MARVIN JUNIOR JNR, son of lead baritone MARVIN JUNIOR.

Both songs were never issued in the 90s but they've now become available via THE DELLS own web site -    and also from CDBaby and Dusty Groove America. They underline what all real soul fans know - that few groups have ever achieved the majesty, power and passion of the combined vocals of MARVIN JUNIOR, JOHNNIE CARTER, CHUCK BARKSDALE, MICKEY MCGILL and VERNE ALLISON.

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NaturalImpluse-PeoplesParkBerkeley1975The SOUL JUNCTION label's latest release is a sweet little vinyl seven incher on 70s underground favourites NATURAL IMPULSE. The label released the band's 'She Went Away' two years ago and it immediately became an underground soul classic.

This new release features a pair of top, old school soul tunes with the A-side being a fab uptempo groove... 'We're Gonna Make It Through'. The b-side features the more funk orientated 'Make It Or Break It' – here in an edited version of the original six minute long studio take. Both cuts have a real TOWER OF POWER flavour to them and the SOUL JUNCTION people tell us we're lucky to have the tunes.

It seems JESUS (JESS) GONZALES - the bass guitarist with NATURAL IMPULSE - was sorting out some items to donate to a local charity and came across an old cassette player. He opened it up and discovered that it still contained a cassette. He played it and to his delight he found three forgotten, unissued tracks that had been laid down during the 70s only to have laid gathering dust for the last 32 years. JESS eventually contacted SOUL JUNCTION and the record is now available for all soulsters to enjoy

For more info go to



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marvin_rareIn 2001 Motown/Universal released a stupendous deluxe version of MARVIN GAYE'S iconic 'Let's Get It On' album. The two CD set naturally featured the classic LP's 8 tracks but the rest of the collection offered soul fans a wonderful insight into GAYE'S art and creativity in the early seventies. There were discarded outtakes from the 'Let's Get It On' sessions, there were demo recordings, alternate mixes, live recordings and two special versions of 'Just To Keep You Satisfied' - from the ORIGINALS and the MONITORS respectively.

If anyone missed the set at the time, Motown have just reissued half of the collection under the tag "Let's Get It On Rarities Edition". Essentially, it's the second CD from that deluxe pack and it offers plenty of demos, lots of those alternate mixes and the cuts from the MONITORS and the ORIGINALS. Standouts? Well, the instrumental, 'Mandota' cuts a tough groove while the alternate take on 'Where Are We Going' is every bit as good as the mix that was eventually released. Equally, the alternate mixes and demos of 'If I Should Die Tonight', 'Distant Lover' and 'Come Get To This' serve to enhance the stark beauty of the originals. Though they'll have all the tracks already, GAYE completists will surely want a copy and anyone who hasn't heard these remarkable recordings yet MUST investigate.

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