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glenThose of you with still decent memories might well remember late 80s UK soulster GLEN GOLDSMITH. GLEN broke through in '87 with 'I Won't Cry' and 'Dreaming' – both sizeable hits. Mr G then went on to write hits for people like MC HAMMER and ROSIE GAINES... and, oh yes, he also penned 'Mysterious Girl' for PETER ANDRE ... but the less we say about that the better!

GLEN'S just re-launched his own artistic career with the release of a lovely, infectious single, 'Jammin' In The Place'. It's a tight and delicious retro soul groove that recalls classics like 'Nights Over Egypt' without actually sounding like it! On the cut, GLEN is partnered by the sweetly soulful JORDAN BAILEY. She's one of the UK's top session singers and her CV features work with BARRY WHITE and GEORGE MICHAEL.

'Jammin' In The Place' is worth checking out by anyone who hankers for that smooth yet soul-based retro sound... and with the right support the tune could quickly become a modern soul classic. It's currently available via i-tunes, Amazon and all the other major digital outlets.

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scalesThe small but perfectly formed UK based SOUL JUNCTION RECORDS kick off their 2012 release sheet with a corking single from soul veteran HARVEY SCALES.

HARVEY'S been making music since the 60s when he was associated with the early work of the ESQUIRES in his home town of Milwaukee. After one single as TWISTIN' HARVEY ('The Clock' on the Sauk City Cuca label) he led his own band THE SEVEN SOUNDS who recorded for Sauk City Cuca and Magic Touch. While working in the famed Phelps Lounge in Detroit, HARVEY came to the attention of DON DAVIS of Groovesville Records who signed him up as a writer and producer. As writers the duo enjoyed considerable success – most notably with JOHNNIE TAYLOR'S 'Disco Lady'. In the meantime SCALES continued to record with labels like Cadet, Mercury, Stax, Casablanca and Kashgold but his performances never quite took him into soul's major league.

In 1998 HARVEY recorded an album for Home Of The Blues and it's from that album that Soul Junction has selected the BOBBY WOMACK flavoured 'Giving U What U Want' as their first single of 2012. The cut rolls along grittily in the best WOMACK tradition and comes complete with a moralising introductory monologue. For the B-side Soul Junction have gone for a previously unissued SCALES recording from the late 80s. Surprisingly, given that date, 'I've Been A Fool (To Fool Around)' has a similar WOMACK styling to it. Again it features an opening monologue and it's bound to please real soul fans everywhere. The single is currently available in 7" vinyl and you can learn more @



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kirkIt was almost fifty years ago that jazz legend JOHN COLTRANE teamed up with the then almost unknown vocalist JOHNNY HARTMAN to collaborate on what was to become one of the classic jazz era's best ballad albums. The COLTRANE/HARTMAN LP featured six standards including 'Dedicated To You', 'Lush Life' and 'You Are Too Beautiful' and since initial release it's become a yardstick against which to measure seriously romantic music.

Now Grammy winner KIRK WHALUM has teamed up with brother KEVIN to revisit the album and it's all set for a very appropriate release on Valentine's Day! The WHALUM brothers and co-producer JOHN STODDART have approached the original recording with admiration and a degree of veneration, but realising that a straight copy is pointless, they've written new arrangements that place the songs in a present day soul , jazz and adult pop setting. To enhance the album's romantic appeal WHALUM has added four contemporary songs including ERIC BENET'S 'Spend My Life With You' and JOE'S 'I Wanna Know'.

The elegant album is entitled 'Romantic Language' and it was recorded "live" with a minimum of overdubs at the Dark Horse Studios in Nashville. To tie in with the Valentine's Day release, KIRK and his band will – on that day – perform a special concert at Hilton Portland Downtown Oregon which will be streamed live via

KIRK WHALUM'S ROMANCE LANGUAGE' is released on Rendezvous Music on February 14th. .. and there will be a full review on SJF very soon

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quanticHotly-tipped as one of 2012's first big albums is 'Look Around The Corner' – a collaborative effort between ALICE RUSSELL and QUANTIC. The pair, who have already worked together, were right there at the start of the UK soul and funk resurgence of the 2000s with ALICE going on to forge a reputation as a brand leader on the indie music scene. For his part QUANTIC has become the spokesperson for the renaissance in Colombian music. Working first with his SOUL ORCHESTRA and then with his COMBO BARBARIO, he's pushed and remodelled the boundaries of Latin music and established a base for himself in Cali, Colombia...

... and it was there that he and ALICE recorded the new album which is due for release in April and if the leaked title track is anything to go by, the set is bound to add to the duo's already extensive fan base. The song 'Look Around The Corner' is an intriguing 70's throwback that mixes the ethereal harmonic sound of ROTARY CONNECTION with that of the FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION. The cut features live strings and contributions from revered Latin musicians ALFREDITO LINARES, FERNANDO SILVA and FREDDY COLORADO. Together they create a magical sound.

QUANTIC and ALICE RUSSELL'S single, 'Look Around The Corner' is released on 10" vinyl and digitally on 20th February: The full album (with the same name) is released in April. The label is TRU THOUGHTS.



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spinnersIn our recent SPINNERS competition we posed the question as to who was the legendary writer/producer/arranger who catapulted the Detroit group to stardom with Atlantic in the 70s. The answer of course was THOM BELL.

Loads of people got it right (mind you, it wasn't hard, was it?) and the winners picked from our festive bobble hat are..... RICHARD SAFFREY OF Highbury, STAMOS GANIANIS of Australia, JUDY ROBERTS of Norfolk, ANDREW HAMPTON and DAVID McPHERSON – both of Essex.

SPINNERS album on the way too all five... congratulations and thanks to everyone who has entered this year's competitions. Watch out for more in 2012.

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