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altTONY "SHOSHYN" GILMORE is a new name to us but we're intrigued and more than a little beguiled by his latest single 'Heart on a Trip'. Tony, it seems, is Philly soul man and avid anoraks and sleeve readers (not us!!!) will know him from his work with Kool and the Gang where he shared lead vocals with "JT "Taylor in the band's prime. It was with Kool and the Gang that he earned his nickname, "Shoshyn" (pronounced Show Shine) for his dynamic stage presence.

Since the fragmentation of Kool and the Gang, Tony has worked with people like George Benson and Joe but at the back end of last year he found a demo tape that had been recorded by top Philly muso, the late Frank Alstin who had penned hits for people like The Jones Girls and Xscape. On that tape was a rough version of 'Heart on a Trip' and Tony knew he had to record it. What he's produced his classic old school Philly ballad complete with spoken intro... hints of Blue Magic. It's out now



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alt(Jorge) SPITERI describes himself as "a 70's London Disco fusion survivor". In a rambling fashion he describes his experiences then thus: "I saw Grace (Jones, presumably) at the welcome party, down at Island Records St Peters square, It was the 70's and the 60's were gone and the 80's were right on the door, straight out of New York, Studio 54, John Morales was arriving with a new sound...the sound of funky London was starting up and people were grooving the groovy sound...It was the power of Disco coming to life..."

Now he's tried to put those memories/ideas onto record with the help of Los Charlys duo Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel. The result is an epic 6 minute plus disco romp - 'POWER OF DISCO' - that blends all kinds of everything.... Donna Summer, Sylvester, Giorgio Moroder... and more ... it's out on 28th February on Imagenes Records.

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altRoyce Hall (real name Chinyelu Alimayu) is an Atlanta-based new age soul man. He describes his music as "Dapper Liberation Soul" and right now he's promoting that sound via his sophomore EP – 'Fifth: Dapper Liberation'. Sonically the music is gentle hip—hop with a soul undertow as it was back in the day.... try 'The Yo Press Unwind' to understand. As you can guess from that title, it's never less than intriguing. Royce's describe it as "classic gentleman aesthetics complimented by elements of the African diaspora" ... see if you agree by investigating on a download portal near you!

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altTHE PARK AVENUE EXPERIENCE is a new Italian a jazz trio marshalled by Fabio Puglisi of Soul Basment fame. You proably have fond memories of their lovely 2018 album, 'Oneness'- a mix of old school soul vibes, cool jazz flavours, gentle introspection and thoughtful, caring, lyrics.

Now Fabio changes emphasis a little with 'Life Span', Park Avenue Experience's debut album. It's an 8 track instrumental set that like 'Oneness' offers a variety of moods – jazz melding with the subtler end of hip-hop underpinned by smooth soul sensitivities. Hear that subtle blend at its best on the moody, shuffling opener 'Getting Closer' or the crystalline 'Now Or Later'. 'Love Knows No Limits' moves the mood towards funk while if you want to chill, look no further than 'Meifen Smiling To The Sky' (no clues to "Meifen" by the way)

THE PARK AVENUE EXPERIENCE; 'Life Span' is out now.



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altWith the commercially generated faux love fest that is Valentine's Day looming ahead there are plenty of romantic music compilations around that the record company execs hope might tempt you to part with your bucks to help you woo whoever you feel like wooing! If however you're a little fed up/disenchanted with the whole hearts and flowers thing then may we point you to a new compilation that looks at Valentine's Day from a slightly different perspective.... it's the wonderfully named 'You're Not Gonna Hurt Me (A Valentine's Day Kiss Off)'.

The 14 tracker features songs of female empowerment. The music is about relationships with boyfriends that have gone sour; a perfect retort to those boyfriends who certainly don't deserve a Valentine's gift, let alone a Valentine's card!

Dave Godin might have labeled the music here "Deep Soul" – tortured songs that tell of cheating, double dealing and belittling. Indeed the "queen of Deep Soul", Doris Duke offers one of the album highlights... 'Divorce Decree' – the title says it's all and Ms Duke delivers as only she could... stark dark and convincing! Amongst other familiar names is Irma Thomas whose contribution is the wonderfully titled 'You're The Dog (I Do The Barking Myself)'. Another self-explanatory titled cut which proves that "Deep Soul" isn't always about ballads. Ms T's tune is tough and feisty – funky even! Sondra Simon's 'Dead Weight' is even more up-tempo; a sprightly dancer in fact!

In truth, though, most of the songs are ballads with highlights numbering Norma Rivers' 'You're Not Gonna Hurt Me', Candace Love's 'Uh Uh Boy That's A No No' and the equally familiar 'Casanova' from Ruby Andrews.

The PR people describe 'You're Not Gonna Hurt Me (A Valentine's Day Kiss Off)' as a scathing anti-Valentine's Day card. Yes, for sure – but equally it's a wonderful collection of proper distaff soul music... out now!

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