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altdb CLIFFORD (his spelling, by the way) is a London-based singer/songwriter who's been in the business since the early noughties. He's released a couple of albums – his last being 2011's 'Feet Above The Ground' from which the single 'New State Of Mind' won the John Lennon Award for best pop song.

Since then db's been gigging and preparing his new album 'Lucky Me' which gets release on Smadhi Music on April 13th. In truth, the 16 tracker is more contemporary pop than classic soul – blue-eyed or otherwise. However a selection of the cuts do have a definite soul flavour..... 'Beautiful Night', 'Weekend Love' and 'Looking For No One' have a real Southern soul feel with gritty guitar and punchy brass that recalls the might Hi sound. Blue-eyed soul fans could do worse than to check 'em out... especially that last one.

db CLIFFORD'S 'Lucky Me' is released on April 13th on Smadhi Music

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altFERNANDO HARKLESS is a New York born sax man. Now operating out of Los Angeles, he's worked with people like Marvin Gaye, Snoop Dogg, The Four Tops, Rick James, Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band, Mariah Carey and War.

Mr H is an in-demand LA session player but also fronts his own live band, Fernando and Spice. It's under his own name, though, that he's just released the single 'Light Up Your Love'. The tune, I guess, will be classed as a smooth jazz instrumental, though Fernando's playing is grittier than the stereotypical smooth jazz sound.... more Junior Walker than Najee! The cut is spiced up with vocal interjections from Fernando and Everton Thompson.

Fernando Harkless- 'Light Up Your Love is out now on Next Move Entertainment

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altKARMA JADE is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Texas and her debut single 'Beverly Hill$' (yep that $ sign is meant to be there) is already impressing plenty of people Stateside. Self-penned and produced by award-winning David McLorren & Reethym® Productions, the tune is catchy confection that sits sweetly on the cusp of soul lite and pure pop. There's also a whiff of dear old Amy Winehouse about the meandering vocal which sort of caresses the clever lyric.


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altWe first came across West coast soulstress JACNIQUE NINA last autumn when she was working with Preston Glass. Her tune, 'Songbird' in a Nigel Lowis mix won plenty of plaudits and support.

Right now she's preparing to release her own solo album from which the title track 'Wish Of The Heart' has just been released on Sirenfire Music Works.

The track is light and elegant with sweet harmonies and a catchy chorus hook and very different to 'Songbird' –justification for Ms Nina being named "Best Urban Soul Artist" in the 2011 Los Angeles Music Awards,

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altThe Los Angeles-based, singer-songwriter, KELVIN FRAZIER, is currently making waves Stateside with his single 'Marked And Scarred'. The tune's a heavy R&B ballad that allows Kelvin to show off his gospel–reared range... he's currently a member of CaliWorship Mass Choir which has sang backup for Grammy Award-winning singers such as Tina Campbell, Erica Campbell and Grammy nominee singer Anthony Brown.

'Marked And Scarred' is one of 5 cuts on Mr F's soon to be released EP, 'Conquer All' on Top Notch Records. The other four tracks plough a similar sonic furrow.... that's to say they're all love ballads with, I think, a Brian McKnight flavour about them. The breathy '1+1' is the most interesting in the way that it's been stripped back allowing the voice to do all the work.

By the way, if Kelvin's singing career doesn't take off, he can always go back to his original career. The young man has a Ph D in Chemistry and a reseach career beckoned before music came a-calling!

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