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alt'Th@t Part' is the new album from singer/songwriter and actress MARVA KING. Prince fans will also know that Marva also spent 4 years as a vocalist, dancer and percussionist with Prince and the New Power Generation. So, no surprise to learn that the new set is a tribute to her old boss... the "@" in the title is a clue, of course.

The Prince connection is obvious from the very first (proper) track... that title ('Cosmic Girl'), the sound.... everything, screams Prince! And the album offers plenty more of the same... funky workouts, bumpy R&B meanders, breathy ballads and plenty of subtle and not so subtle sexiness... like the dancer 'Sexay' which comes in two mixes and there's not much difference between them.

MARVA KING - Th@t Part - The Album - Out Now on the Marvalous Works Entertainment label

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altGeordie band SOULUTIONS have a new album out called 'Fate'. Sadly (we think) the long player will only be available via the band's own web site.

They say: "The eagerly awaited new album from SouLutions 'FATE" is available from our Music Store page. This album is only available from the SouLutions Music Store page. Why? Festival Park Productions refuse to feed the large greedy corporate companies who give very, very, very little back to artistes, song writers, performers etc."

The album is priced at a hefty £20 and we can't comment on the music as we haven't been supplied with a copy.



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altSHAMIKA BROWN is a new name to me but the young Florida based singer really delivers on the sweet and lovely single 'I Love Him, I Love Him Not'.

Ms Brown is currently working with producer Antonio "Tizone" Street on an album from which 'I Love Him, I Love Him Not' is taken and on the strength of that track, it's clear the album will be a corker. This is proper old school soul... a mid tempo groove delivered with the soulful passion of a singer trained in the Gospel tradition. It's not just the lady's name that reminds me of those great Stax tracks from Shirley Brown but that's the flavour here... why, there's even a wonderful, spine-tingling spoken part.

Shamika's people warned me that this track will give the listener goose bumps! Nonsense, I thought... but they're right. It's a magical little tune... bring on the album!

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altThe classic songs of COLE PORTER have been recorded countless times by all kinds of artists in all kinds of ways, but I doubt if they've ever received the treatments they're given in a new 9 tracker, 'Call Porter' from Brazilian singer LICA CECATO and Italian multi instrumentalist PAOLO BALATARO and his Orchestra.

You see the pair came together to have some musical fun; to create what they call "crazy stuff" by taking a clutch of Porter standards and transposing them into, all kinds of musical genres – jazz, pop, chill out, Euro disco, heavy metal and even Merseybeat.

Lica and Paolo have paired Porter with the sounds of people like Genesis, Steely Dan, Burt Bacharach, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Sepultura and the Beatles and indeed it's the Fab Four/Cole Porter mash up that works the best! The duo take 'I Get A Kick Out Of You' and play it like it might have sounded in the famous Cavern circa 1964.... odd, yes, but it works! The coupling of 'Every Time We Say Goodbye' and Burt Bacharach's 'Wives And Lovers' has considerable charm and appeal too. No need to tell you the inspiration on this one.

Other tracks include a Steely Dan inspired version of 'Let's Misbehave', a Hendrix/Miles Davis spin on 'It's All Right With Me' and an Ibizan chill-flavoured 'Love For Sale'.


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altUS news sources are reporting the death at age 41, of US R&B songwriter LASHAWN DANIELS. He died from injuries sustained in a car accident in South Carolina. Known as “Big Shiz” and a frequent collaborator with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Daniels’ writing credits include ‘The Boy Is Mine’ by Brandy and Monica, ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child, Toni Braxton’s ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough,’ It's Not Right But It's Okay’ by Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson’s ‘You Rock My World’. He also worked with Lady GaGa on her ‘Telephone’ smash. Daniels leaves April, his wife of almost 20 years, and three sons. Daniels and his wife created Cool Couples, a platform designed to offer relationship advice.

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