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altOne of the many fine cuts on the recent chart topping UK Soul Chart compilation album was 'Chill' by TILLY GRACE. Keeping the ball rolling, Tilly is now working a new single..... 'Ghetto Superstar'. It's a heavier sound than 'Chill' –a throwback to the Brit soul of the 80s... with hints and shadings of Soul II Soul, Family Stand and Carleen Anderson... why there's even an organic rap from Mr Cotton.

And if you enjoyed 'Chill', 'Ghetto Superstar's' putative B side is an extended Nigel Lowis mix of the breezy little cut. Out now on DSG.

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altWith Christmas sneaking up fast we've been inundated with Christmas releases. Here's a selection that might tickle your festive fancy!

First off, GEORGIE B's GROOVE ASSOCIATION had been turning out outstanding soul for an incredible 40 years and their latest album 'More And More' is every bit as good as their first efforts back in the day. In their lengthy career, don't think they've tackled Christmas... till now. In time for a cool Yule, Georgie's just issued a Christmas single.... 'Write You A Letter'. This "Christmas Mix" is a duet with Deborah Bell and it isn't an in your face Christmas song (though there are jingle bells in the intro); rather, the song is a plea to temporality ditch texts and e-mails and communicate by writing letters – more intimate and more opportunity to say what you really mean and feel. The single's putative B side is one of the tracks from the 'More And More' album - the EWF/Light Of The World flavoured, jazzy dancer 'Fly Away'.

altBack in summer we enjoyed a great modern soul album from SHOW TYME... the musical alter ego of Trenton, New Jersey born LETHEL BROOKS. For the Christmas rush Mr Brooks (or should that be Mr Tyme) has just released the single 'It's Christmas Time'... a sweet, modern soul slow jam with images of mistletoe, holly, peace, love and all the usual suspects. Show Tyme says: "this song is a representation of Christmas past and present evoking the memories of those crisp Christmas Mornings and warm Holiday Nights. A time when the family is the centre and love is the fabric."

altSomething a bit left field now.... a jazz meander through the traditional carol 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' from New York singer, ABIAH. Abiah is possibly best known for his tribute album to Nina Simone, so little wonder that his approach to 'Merry Gentlemen' is somewhat Simone-esque. He says: "'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' is one of my favourite songs. It encapsulates the meaning of the season for me. I find it to be one of the songs neglected in the vocal canon as of late and so I wanted to explore it but with my own reimagining."

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altPhiladelphia label, SOCIETY HILL, (helmed by Butch Ingram and his brothers) continue with a set of new releases that are sure to please lovers of old school sweet soul.

First up there's a single on sometime Temptation, GLENN LEONARD. Glen was with the mighty Tempts between 1975 and 1983 and his latest single is gentle 'Betcha Don't Know'. The song is very much in the mould of the Temptations with Glenn's falsetto shining clear over tight harmonies provided by the Ingram Brothers.

altAnd speaking of the Ingram brothers, singing drummer JOHNNY has just released two tunes on Society Hill. One is a steady mid-tempo beater, 'When I Hear Your Love Calling' which features some fine, uncredited sax work. The putative B side is a big, old school ballad, 'I Gave You All Of Me'... drama meets classic Philly! Both songs come from Johnny's album 'Love Messenger'.

altThe name on the third new Society Hill release may be a little less familiar... TRU. Tru is a vocal trio from the New Jersey/Philly are and they comprise Jimi Williams, Billy Maynor and Kenny McIlwaine. They currently have a six track EP on offer; though there are only three songs – you get vocal and instrumental versions of the three. Focus cut is an interesting cover of Aretha's 'Daydreaming'. Continuing the "dreamy" theme there's also 'Am I Dreaming' –a falsetto-led ballad, a classic Philly sound. Tru's third offering is classic Philly too – but this time they channel the up-tempo sounds of MFSB and the whole Salsoul thing. 'I Don't Need You Now' really zips along in the best Philadelphia dance fashion. Available now.

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altSadly we don't hear too much about TERRI WALKER these days. Last we heard was her 2014 collaborative EP with Joe Buddha. The good news is that Ms Walker is back with Joe and working on a new EP set for release early next year.

The EP's title track has just been released to whet appetites. It's a swaggering reggae inspired track – 'Breakout' which Joe says has real authenticity because of their shared Jamaican heritage. There are two versions on offer – the "straight" one and one with UK rapper Rodney P adding his Cockney Yardie swagger to the song.

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GO TO JAIL (and don’t pass GO)!

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altUK media sources are reporting that two men have been jailed and two others given suspended sentences for making and selling tens of thousands of counterfeit vinyl records.... most of the discs, we believe, purported to be rare soul 45s.

Those involved were named as Christopher Price, 68, Stephen Russell, 65, Robert Pye, 63, and Alan Godfrey, 61 – all were part of a group which specialised in copying and selling unlicensed recordings of 1960s Northern Soul artists.

A court in South Wales was told that about 55,000 unlicensed records were seized by police following an investigation by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which represents record companies in the UK including Warner Music, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group. Amongst the seized discs were unofficial copies of Marvin Gaye's 'This Love Starved Heart Of Mine', Bettye Swann's 'Kiss My Love Goodbye', Major Lance's Investigate', Gladys Knight's 'If You Get Your Hands On Love' and Art Freeman's 'Slippin Around With You'.

Prosecutor Alex Greenwood told Newport Crown Court: "All defendants were engaged in the large scale commercial sale of counterfeit goods infringing both trademark and copyright. In many instances identical copies of recordings were found at the addresses of each of the defendants, indicative that they were supplying each other. All defendants' PayPal records reflected thousands of sales of similarly described recordings over many years."

Pye was jailed for 10 months, and Russell for eight months, while Godfrey was handed a suspended sentence of nine months and Price a suspended sentence of eight months.

A Proceeds of Crime hearing will take place next year... and the moral for the soul fraternity – "Caveat emptor" – BUYER BEWARE!



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