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altWant some good news to cheer up these miserable autumn days? Well, veteran UK soul man PAUL JOHNSON is all set to release a new six track EP and if the leaked first track/single is anything to go by then the 'Fearless' mini album is set to be a corker!

The first single is a thumping, soul dancer called 'Follow' and on it Paul's on top form with that immaculate, unique vocal. The song (and indeed the EP) is produced by Daz-I-Kue from the west London DJ and production crew Bugz in the Attic.

Paul says of the cut: "'Follow' takes me back to those times of 'jheri curls', Hawaiian shirts and stylish Farah slacks. It was a time when things seemed so much simpler and when faith was strong. It is the most intentional gospel track on the EP and an opportunity for me go back to the origins of my joy."

Paul Johnson's 'Follow' is out now on WYLD PITCH RECORDS/51LEX

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altDon't know a lot about a "new" outfit - CJ'S Connection – save that they seem to be the brainchild of veteran radio presenter Cliff James and their single 'I'm Serious' has been winning massive air play on all the best soul stations... "Record of the week" no less on John Leech's popular BBC Soul show.

In its original mix  'I'm Serious' has a lovely old school SOS Band feel to it while the crisper, faster 'Blackjack Mix" offers plenty of potential too. Both mixes are out now.

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altRITA RAY (born: Kristi Raias) is a blue eyed soulstress from Estonia and she's currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album.... 'Old Love Will Rust' and from that she's just released a new single, the energetic and catchy 'Disco Stu'.

Not too sure what's going on lyrically (the Simpsons, of course) but as the title suggests, melodically, this is a pleasing disco romp with hints of the best of the Philly sound. Rita's people describe the sound as "Aretha Franklin being the fifth member of The Beatles"... not too sure about that, but if you're intrigued you can make up your own minds when 'Disco Stu' wins release on 8th November.

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alt'Overload' is the debut album from jazz fusion trio THE MAY FALL CREW. They are May Fall (piano/keys/vocals), Nive Majar (drums) and Itay Tsarfati (bass) and the 12 track album offers a diverse take on the genre.

On tunes like 'Alma Obscura' and 'Recharge' they generate an atmospheric exotica while on things like 'Overload' and 'Tome Exapnder' the benchmark is classic multi-layered jazz fusion. A touch poppier (but not "pop") is the bouncy vocal that is 'Mood Swinger' for which a video is set for release. I guess it's the album's first focus track, though it's not representative of the albums overriding flavour.

MAY FALL CREW; OVERLOAD is released on Refeel Music on 25th November.

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altEarlier this year, the soul air waves were awash with a lovely, little song 'The Art Of Love' credited to L J (Leee John) and master percussionist SNOWBOY. The song is a slow, romantic builder with Leee crooning sweet as ever but after about four and half minutes it all kicks off. The tempo takes flight as Snowboy does what Snowboy does best – hits you with all his best shots!

The cut, good as it was, wasn’t officially released. We're told only test pressings were ever made but the good news is that it has finally won a proper release! If you’re into classy Brit soul with a slightly different perspective I can only recommend you grab this one before it disappears again!

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