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altIt was back in 2015 that we first heard of DANIEL MARCH - an Australian soul man who'd just relocated to the UK to consolidate the antipodean success he had with his 2013 debut album. In 2015 the soul world loved his double A sided single – 'Falling'/'Nina'. Both were catchy and Mr M had a soulfully quirky voice that promised much.... but after that.... nowt!

Till now that is .... young Danny tells us that he's working on an EP and it's heralded by a lovely laid back modern soul single. Thing is our man's still falling! New tune is 'Falling Pts 1 and 2' and it really is an insidious little groove and Dan's voice has lost nothing of its idiosyncratic charm. It's old school too with some lovely understated Hammond.

Don' t know what Daniel has about falling but it's helping him craft some great grooves. Let's hope we get to hear more soon!

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altWIGGLY WORM RECORDS is one of Soulful house's marquee imprints and MONTANA, STEWART & NORTIER are their premier creatives/producers/mixers. Back in 2015 they rocked dance floors everywhere with the uplifting 'The World To Me (You Are)', which featured a typically soulful vocal from Stephanie Cooke. That was followed by the Dana Weaver vocalised 'Never Thought'... classic soulful house in every respect with one commentator describing Ms Weaver's big vocal as "a cross between dear old Lisa Stansfield and not so dear Grace Jones"!

Now, as those worm wrigglers get ready for 2018 they've reissued those two tunes in welter of new mixes and dubs from the likes of Phaze Dee and Vincent Kwok. The boys have also put out the soulful 'Last Dance' fronted with her usual soulful aplomb by Stephanie Cooke.

Find out more about the goings on at Wiggly Worm @



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altSed Soul hit their 2017 stride running with a great new record on the lovely LAURA JACKSON. Laura is a long time favourite of the Cool Million crew and she's also vocalist of choice for the Doggett Brothers and for her new cut Cool Millionaire Rob Hardt has resurrected Jade's 1992 smash 'Don't Walk Away'.

Rob and his team freshen up the sound but keep the really special Weekender feel via tight beats and sympathetic instrumentation. The "electrified" mix is a tad faster and tends to meander while my guess is that the soul crowd will pass on the speedy, housed-up "soulful" mix. Whatever mix you go for though be sure that Laura delivers with a real passion!



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altWe've said it plenty of times before but ED THE RED (Edward Golstman, owner of Bottom Line Records) has to be the most prolific of soul musos. For the last few years he's assailed us with a whole series of singles (many remixed) across a number of soulful genres and at the back end of 2017 he released a well-received 'I Got The Music In Me' long player.

Now... guess what? He's releasing a couple of cuts from the LP in remixed form. First up there's a 'Midnight Soul' mix of 'Time In The Bottle' This one, which features MJ White on vocals, was always one of the best modern soul grooves on the LP and here the groove is even tighter!

The other remixed cut is 'I Was Born To Love You'. This comes in new "disco" and "soulful house" mixes – both crank up the tempo. We think the soul crowd will prefer the aforementioned 'Time In The Bottle'.

Ed The Red -Time In The Bottle/I Was Born To Love You (Remixes) - Bottom Line - Released 19th Jan 2018

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alt'Almost Persuaded' is the brand new and long overdue album from SWING OUT SISTER and once again Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell have crafted a work of understated beauty that offers the pair's unique twist on sophisticated 60s/70s soul liberally sprinkled with Jimmy Webb influences and garnished with the odd smooth jazz flourish and cinematic sweep.

It would be churlish to cherry pick a highlight but 'Don't Give The Game Away' has an ethereal quality that sums up the mood of the whole album. Like the other 11 tracks, it's a "proper song"... organic, melodic and produced and delivered with love.

I know it's only the second week of January, but I doubt if we'll have a sweeter album to enjoy this year and what a pity that Corinne and Andy have had to go out on their own to deliver. Find out more @

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