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altSoul connoisseurs will know all about the 'So Soulful' compilation series.... Volume 3 has just been released and like the first two editions the album features the very best in independent soul from around the world. The album series is compiled by a DJ who just wants to be known as DJ SO SOULFUL. In his early days he went out as DJ Jai and since then he's he's hosted radio shows, headlined high profile gigs and set up his own label via his multi-visited web site... and of course, curated the 'so Soulful' series.

The new collection offers lots of treasures and the aforementioned connoisseurs will probably go straight to Lina Nikol's 'All I Need' which features input from someone called Frank McComb.... never heard of him! Amongst the other familiar names is Al Castellana whose contribution is the catchy 'You Are' which's bob on the current modern soul vibe. Amongst the other featured artistS are Don E, Mike Champion and Jessica Childress.


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altA new name to us, RONNETTE HARRISON, we're told is a music multi tasker.... recording artist, radio personality, vocalist, pianist, composer, songwriter, piano instructor and vocal coach. Working in and around Washington DC, she started in the music biz aged just 11 when she worked with Shirley Ables & The Joy Gospel Singers. Since then she's worked constantly in the gospel area, picking up numerous awards en route. Her first solo album, 'Journey' cemented her position on the gospel circuit and she's currently working on a follow up.

From that upcoming sophomore set, the single 'Always There' is winning plenty of airplay on the gospel stations stateside and it's sweet, modern soul vibe has huge crossover potential. You see the song and its message – though, yes, gospel-based – has a meaning that can be applied to secular relationships and situations too. It's a lovely tune and well worth seeking out.

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altOur spies tell us that the lovely MARSHA AMBROSIUS is gearing up to release a new album..... due very soon. In the meantime, US radio is awash with the lead single – a solid soul groove , 'Luh Ya'. Complex but simple, soft and soulful it has a lovely, elegant feel and Ms A shows again that she's a class act, understanding, perhaps better than many of her US counterparts, what modern soul is all about.



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alt'It Must Be Love' is the latest single from Londoner/Barbadian WHITFIELD BATSON. Putting aside his music management/song writing/acting roles a few years back, he's now pursuing a singing career.

His recent releases 'Put That Love On Me' and 'Do Me Good' won him plenty of admirers and 'It Must Be Love' follows a similar soundscape to those tunes. That's to say, it's poppy and catchy and Whitfield delivers a convincing vocal. Sadly the backing track is a little thin and synthetic and doesn't do full justice to the song. It's out now and your usual download portal will allow investigation.



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altAUDREY POWNE is an Australian singer best known for fronting a band intriguingly named Leisure Centre. Right now, though, the Melbourne-based Audrey is focused on promoting her soon-to-be-available EP. From it the lead track –a gorgeous 'Flowers' – is already getting huge support from tastemakers like Jeff Young and Tony Blackburn.

The cut is hugely cinematic ... lush, sweeping strings embrace Ms P's innocent and naive (yet convincing vocal) and though it's quite "different" it has huge appeal.... one listen and you'll be hooked!

Audrey says the inspiration for the song was her mum: "My mum told me once when I was younger to 'never trust a man who gives you flowers' they're probably trying to get away with something. It seemed incredibly cynical at the time until as a young woman I found myself bombarded with Red Roses from a boyfriend who repeatedly cheated on me. It was one of those moments where I thought MAYBE my mum was right."

Well done mum! It's a great song and augers well for the upcoming New York recorded EP.... Leisure Centre has new music on the way too. More of that one soon.

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