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altThe prolific house producer ED THE RED surprised quite a few people with his last release - 'Love –Amore'.... a big soulful ballad with an old school vocal from Troy Nichols that saw some commentators make comparisons to Isaac Hayes and Barry White.

For his latest outing Big Ed repeats the flavour with 'How You Doing'. Once again the song's fronted by booming bass man Troy Nichols and there are three mixes to choose from – the original, the "soul" mix and the crisp, catchy "steppers" mix –which is the one we'd recommend!



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alt'Gods' was always one of the more interesting tracks on Maxwell's 'blackSUMERSnight' album. Since initial release the song's circulated in number of mixes and now Max has issued a video of the song based on a "Kapiro" remix... the video is an arty affair showing the singer travelling through a neon-lit cityscape and there's also a 'More Gods' mix out there too – nine minutes long!

In media interviews the singer said he was "adding an extra visual element to the video." And when asked about a new album – the third part of the 'blackSUMERSnight' trilogy, he, enigmatically, replied: "Be prepared to be surprised. Night is coming." Mmmm!

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alt'2 BEATS 1 SOUL' is an upcoming Latino album executively produced by husband and wife team Vivian Scott and Ray Chew. (pictured above)

The 13 track album is the pair's exercise in showcasing the fusion of Cuban and American music. They say the set is "a celebration and exploration of the evolution of two cultures focused on Cuba's impact on worldwide music by recreating traditional Cuban sounds and rhythms in today's musical landscape. "

Make up, your own minds when the long player gets released in October. In the meantime, enjoy the album's first single – a joyous romp, 'The World, Is A Family' featuring JOSH MILAN on lead vocals.

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altBrooklyn's MIKE MAURRO is, by common consent, one of the music biz's best mixers. Inspired/mentored by people like Arthur Baker, John Robie, Afrika Bambaataa, John "Jellybean" Benitez, The Latin Rascals and "Little" Louie Vega, Mike's mixes are always in demand and those he does produce tend to sell out and then become hugely collectable.

The latest band to get the "Mike Maurro treatment" is UK soul and funk outfit HEATWAVE. Mike has re-worked four of their very best.... 'Too Hot To Handle', 'The Groove Line', 'Boogie Nights' (of course) and the evergreen ballad 'Always And Forever'. Together they form a great tribute to an often underrated band and more particularly their song writer, Rod Temperton.

Taking a lead from the legendary Tom Moulton, you'll know that Mike doesn't tamper too much with the original tracks. He knows that with great music you don't need gimmicks; rather, he picks the best parts, the catchy hooks, the memorable lines and extends and highlights them. On the Heatwave tunes he utilises some previously unheard studio ad-libs and instrumentation to create some mighty fine extended vinyl. The Heatwave mixes are released on the 29th September through Juno. The demand is sure to be massive.


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altSometime lead singer with TOWER OF POWER, RICK STEVENS, died on Tuesday 5th September. He was 77 and had been battling cancer.

Born in Texas in 1940, Stevens joined TOP in 1969 replacing original lead singer Rufus Miller. His is the voice on 1972's breakthrough album 'Bump City' which featured the hit single 'You're Still A Young Man'. For reasons never best explained Stevens was replaced by Lenny Williams and he quickly became dependent on drugs and after involvement in a drug gang shooting, Stevens was given a lengthy prison sentence, spending 36 years behind bars after he was convicted on one count of manslaughter and two counts of murder.

In prison he underwent a religious conversion and in July 2012, Gov. Jerry Brown paroled Stevens, who became a born-again Christian.

In recent years, Stevens fronted the Love Power Band and even performed alongside Tower Of Power in January of this year. In a statement posted on TOP's Facebook page, bandleader Emilio Castillo remembered Stevens as "an extremely soulful singer and entertainer who had an engaging personality and a strong faith which he shared with all he came in contact with. The first time he sat in with us, after his release from prison, was a 'once in a lifetime' emotional experience for all of us. We loved him and we'll miss him. I have faith that I'll see him in heaven someday and together we'll worship and glorify God together for eternity. Rick is there right now enjoying it!!!"

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