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altIf you've been listening to the top soul stations lately you can't not have heard a classy, ear-worm of a modern soul groove from D.C.R. – 'Positive Vibes'.

Seems that D.C.R. is the working name of Dawn Claudette Rose - a singer / songwriter of Jamaican parentage born in Manchester but raised in London. Growing up, Dawn was surrounded by music – the sounds of people like Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley and Janet Jackson... all big influences on her. From an early age she played around with recording machines, putting her voice over her favourite tracks. Drawn to hip-hop in her teens, she became a top street dancer before signing on at Westminster College to study Fashion and Design. Then she transferred to a performing arts course, moving to Canada to further her ambitions. However, after some modeling and TV work she finally realized that music was her true passion and she returned to London and her first single – the aforementioned 'Positive Vibes' is showing that she made the right decision!

'Positive Vibes' is one of those rare cuts that epitomizes everything that's good about modern soul. As the title suggests it's big on optimism and though it does remind me of an old classic groove (can't pin it down though!), it's a wonderful piece of work that demands your investigation!



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altSinger Al Broomfield died on Tuesday 13th August. Details are sketchy but his brother, saxophonist Vincent Broomfield posted: "Today became one of the worst days of my life, I lost not only my beloved brother Al Broomfield but also one of my biggest musical influences who put me on some of my first gigs at age 14, I learned so much of my jazz R&B style from him and I will miss him terribly!! Pray for our healing, RIP Big Bro !!"

Born in Florida, Al Broomfield was one of a large musical family who all had their grounding in the church. Apart from sax man, Vince, he was also brother to Dee Dee Wilde and Eugene Wilde. A talented musician - Al could play drums, saxophone, and guitar - he began his solo career after playing in bands Shades of Brown and The Chevrons. His biggest achievement was the acclaimed LP 'Broomfield' in 1987 from which the single 'Don't Cover Up Your Feelings' enjoyed some success.

Broomfield retired in the 90s but after the loss of his son in 2008, he returned and began performing again. In 2010 he sang on the Cool Million album, 'Back For More'. His track was 'Stay Close' which showed that his voice had lost none of its soulful charm.

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alt'My Dream' is the debut EP from guitarist Tony Garviz who works out of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico – just across that controversial border with Texas.

The music on the mini album is classic electric guitar-led smooth jazz. Stand out is the mid-tempo, relaxing 'Lluvia De Verano (Summer Rain)'. Other cuts like 'City Beat' and 'At Dawn' are polished, catchy and melodic... like we said, classic smooth jazz.

TONY GARVIZ: 'My Dream' is available now via UK label Polyphemus Records



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altLatest offering from Birmingham (UK) team FUNK DIVISION is a tune called 'Beautiful'. The cut is fronted by and credited to EMSHEY and like most Funk Division music it comes in two mixes – the "main" one and a "house" tweak – reflecting the tastes of the Funk Division team - – Mark Anthony Dufus and Derek King. 'Beautiful' is good to go now!

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altThe latest offering from the uber talented JAMES DAY is a sweet and big modern soul dancer 'Celebrate Your Body'. For the release Mr Day is collaborating with Skytown Records and goes out under the name J.D'S TIME MACHINE.

Helping James deliver his very special sound are vocalists Sandra St Victor, Karen Bernod, and Tim Owens and guitarist U-Nam.

'Celebrate Your Body' comes in four different mixes – one of which throws up a rap from Chubb Rock.

James is particularly proud of the project: "I've wanted to do something like this for some time, but bringing together all the right components was not easy". He's delighted that the song's message of self-love and inclusion is winning so much support... and rightly so!

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