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alt'I'll Do Anything For You' is the welcome return for the remarkable MARC STAGGERS – a soul man who over the last few years has built a large and steady following on the back of cuts like 'Let Me Be The One', 'Bring It Home' and his delicious cover of 'This Old Heart Of Mine' – that last one explaining why Mr S made such an impact and reputation as the premier Luther Vandross sound-alike. Then of course there were albums like 'The And Now' and 'Cruising' – both of which topped the credible soul charts.

We're told that 'I'll Do Anything For You' is the lead track from a new album.... 'Let's Go Out Tonight' which is due very soon. In the meantime, the single is all set to duplicate the success of Marc's previous 45s. 'I'll Do Anything for You' (written by Marc and brother Reginald and a duet with Nia Simmons) is a classic modern soul groove with an 80s Weekender feel that proclaims its infectiousness from the first bars. As an extra bonus, the tune also comes in a pacey John Morales mix that retains the class of the original mix but then adds a set of beats that just takes it into sophisticated soulful house territory.

MARC STAGGERS – I'll Do Anything for You – released on Mar-Rag Music on 30/Oct /2018

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altWow ... here's a real blast from the past ... a new album from proto, electro funksters ZAPP! It was back in 1978 (!!!) that four Dayton brothers -Roger, Larry, Lester and Terry Troutman formed Zapp and two years later their debut long player (with production input from Boosty Collins and George Clinton) went gold while the classic single 'More Bounce To The Ounce' went on to be one of the most sampled tunes of all times (600 samples, we're told).

Zapp and the Troutmans became quasi hip-hop idols and their music was a treasure trove for sample seekers. Roger T in particular was hugely active in the classic hip-hop era, winning a Grammy nomination for his role in Tupac's 'California Love' in 1997. Sadly two years later, Roger died and the band was stunned. In 2001 Zapp regrouped and released 'Zapp VI... Back By Popular Demand' and started touring again.

Now forty years since their inception Zapp have released a brand new long player – 'Zapp VII... Roger and Friends' – a heartfelt but never mawkish tribute to Roger. The 12 tracker is stuffed with classic Zapp talk box and synth lines. The album has an impressive guest list too – appearing are people like Mr Talkbox, Tuxedo, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and even Roger Troutman. Using old demos and digital trickery, he can be heard on 'Red And Dollars' and the lovely ballad 'Angel' while his spoken voice is heard on 'Zapp And Roger' – explaining his "discovery" of the talkbox.

Lester Troutman Jr says of the new album: "This group has always been about three things... hook 'em, get 'em dancing and keep 'em dancing. And I honestly think the secret to Zapp ahs always been its authenticity. They genuinely want to make you get up and really dance and just forget about all your trouble".

ZAPP; Zapp VII... Roger and Friend is out on October 26t on Leopard Records.



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altMR CONFUSE is a German producer, label owner and DJ and he's been peddling his own brand of funk and soul since 1999. He's just released his fifth studio album... 'Only A Man' and its crammed with all kinds of everything funkified and soulful.

Immediate attention grabber is a reworking of Shannon's 'Let The Music Play'. This 21st century version features vocals from Manoo and is a tad tougher and more electro than the well-loved original.

The Northern crew may well want to check 'Same Old Game'. Featuring a passionate vocal from Leo Will, it features the same kind of frantic parping brass as 'Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache'. Best (only) semi slowie is the jazzy Elaine Thomas vocalised 'Cranberry Dream' while the album also boasts plenty of intriguing instrumentals for those who like that kind of thing.

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altCAITI BAKER is an Australian singer who's just launched her debut album, the 11 track 'Zinc'. The long player isn't a classic soul set by any means... it's rough and tough with hints of blues and country rock but one tune 'Could It Be Nerves' is making radio waves. Investigation reveals that the cut is a hybrid of sounds and styles but there's a progressive soul undertow to it... maybe a little Amy Winehouse-ish?

Track we're liking right now is the down and dirty 'Dreamers' which owes more than a little to the blues classic 'Spoonful' in its guitar riffing. Elsewhere, not a lot to detain the traditional soul crowd but if you like things a little different you may want to investigate.

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altDon't know too much about ALTEREGO VIBE save that the fivesome (3 guys, 2 girls) hail from London and that they are currently promoting a new EP, 'Home'. They describe their harmonic sound as a cool blend of Acid Jazz, Blue-Eyed Soul and R&B and if you investigate the two focus cuts... 'More Than That' and 'A Place Called Home' you may be forced to agree.

'A Place Called Home' has a gentle feel to it and there's a subtle hint of nostalgia too – quite fitting the title and sentiment. 'More Than That' is sweet and laid back too but a tad tougher with a strong bass line that might recall Jamiroquai and/or Brand New Heavies. No wonder, Alterego Vibe number those two bands as big influences – alongside Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power.

ALTEREGO'S 'Home' EP is out now

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