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altLast month we spotlighted SOUL 4 REAL.... an indie soul label that specialises in releasing quality soul on 7" vinyl. We highlighted three of their singles in their catalogue of nine records – one from Calvin Richardson, the other two from Jimmy Gresham.

Here's a rundown of Soul 4 Real's other singles, starting with possibly the most eye catching... two previously unreleased sides from PRINCE PHILLIP MITCHELL.... 'Just The Beginning' / 'Something New To Do'. Two classic Mitchell sounds ... the first an alternative version of one of his well-known items, while the latter is his version of a song maybe better known in the Bobby Sheen version.

Fans of group soul will be delighted by two singles offering four cuts from THE MASQUERADERS. The first 7" pairs 'Prophet Of Love' / 'You´re The One' while the second offers 'Oh My Goodness' / 'We Fell In Love'. There's a tougher group sound on the ANGLOS' 'Broke Down Piece Of Man'/'Four Walls Of Gloom'. The former is a cover of a Sam and Dave song and, listening, it's easy to hear why when their best known outing, 'Incense' was released in the UK, many thought that the lead singer was Stevie Winwood!

Soul 4 Real's remaining two releases represent the best of southern country flavoured soul. DAN PENN'S 'Blue In the Heart' / 'Time To Get Over You' have the flavour of demos and anoraks might well know 'Blue In The Heart' in the Irma Thomas version. WILSON WILLIAMS is the brother of Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams and now works as a member of the Platters; but his Soul 4 Real single offers two of his rare 70s solo outings.... 'Ghost Of Myself' / 'Don´t Let My Foolish Words Keep Us Apart'.

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altFounded by sax man Ben Mendes and drummer Toon Oomen, THE EMINENT STARS are a Europe-based soul, funk and blues instrumental combo who take their inspiration from the music of New Orleans in the 60s and 70s. We last heard of 'em a few years back with the album 'Sittin' In' which featured plenty of Meters-inspired workouts – notably the opening 'Ben's Dungeon' and the feisty and sparse 'Jumping Beans'.

The band now return with a new 9 tracker, 'Bumpin' On' which, more or less, carries on where 'Sittin' In' left off... that's to say , plenty of tough, rough, organic, feisty funk and soul with a European flavour. Highlights include the vocal 'Bar Shift' – the tale of a drunkard in a late night bar and the moody, atmospheric 'Let's Get Together'. The album also offers a nine minute plus medley – 'The Club'/'Tune In' which was recorded live.

THE EMINENT STARS; 'Bumpin' On' is out now on TRAMP RECORDS



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altEveryone's favourite modern soul man MARC STAGGERS returns to the fray with a little something for Christmas... a double A sided single, no less!

The Staggers siblings, Marc and Ron, have always been loud in the praise and appreciation of Motown and with the new single... 'Missing You' / 'Never Knew Love Like This' they show their appreciation for all things Gordy. The former, with a Christmas message (well it's December now, listen out for the jingle bells!) is solidly built on the chassis of the Supremes' 'You Can't Hurry Love' – bright and brisk; the latter (not the Alex O'Neal/Cherrelle classic, by the way) is bright and brisk too and owes less to Motown and is more what we expect of Mr S. My guess is that the familiar intro to 'Missing You' will win it the plays over the upcoming Christmas season.... out now! Love the cheesy cover art too!!!

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KEA MICHAELS is a new(ish) soul song bird who hails from the Pittsburgh area. She prefers to be known just as Kea and in April 2018 she released her debut single....'I Love You'. She wrote the song herself and it's was sweet and smooth ballad with commentators making comparisons with Anita Baker.

It took a while but last June Kea released the follow up – another deceptively simple, smooth soul outing with a hint of jazz, ‘Not My Friend’. We’re told that ‘Not My Friend’ is one of the focus cuts on Ms Michaels’ forthcoming EP, ‘Relationships’. Of maybe more interest will be an intriguing cover of Smokey Robinson’s ‘Being With You’. Kea and producer Gerald “Butter” Glanville slow the song right down to allow a “dig into the darker psychological workings in the words”. Kea adds: “I chose to cover this song because the lyrics are reminiscent of time I spent in the past with a much older man, and the concern we felt about how to disclose our relationship to family and friends.” Like all great covers, this ‘Being With You’ is really different to the original and is enhanced by a lovely, sinuous sax solo from James Casey.

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altEarlier this month we highlighted a tune from a new outfit - CJ'S CONNECTION ... the brainchild of veteran radio presenter Cliff James. The song was 'I'm Serious' and it won massive air play on all the best soul stations... "Record of the week" no less on John Leech's popular BBC Soul show.

In its original mix 'I'm Serious' had a lovely old school SOS Band feel to it while there was also a crisper, faster 'Blackjack Mix". Now you can investigate a third tweak... "the After 7" mix.... taking its inspiration from that light, sweet pop/soul sound of the Edmonds brothers group. It's out now!


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