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altThe wonderfully named MERSEY WYLIE is the daughter of Pete Wylie – one of Liverpool's great music ambassadors and, therefore, it's no surprise to learn that Mersey is now forging he own music career and making big waves with her unique take on contemporary soul .

Mersey actually grew up in London where she grew to love the music of Motown and she tells us that she has vivid memories of seeing Michael Jackson at Wembley when she was just seven. In her teens she moved to Australia where she studied jazz at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In 2010 Mersey moved back to the UK and started to find session work... her CV includes work with people like Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Siouxsie Sioux, Boy George and Mick Jones of the Clash.

By 2014 Ms W was confident enough to go out on her own and she's been busy ever since winning praise from tastemakers nationwide for her particular and very personal take on soul. Mersey has just released her debut four track EP, 'The Skin I Live In', that shows a remarkable range. Cut that is winning favour and radio plays is 'Stronger'. The message in the song is that no matter what is thrown at us, with hope and faith, we can deal with it and as befits that theme, there's a gospel feel to the song. Sure, it's not traditional gospel but with a feisty femme call and response chorus behind Mersey's testifying you can hear where the song's roots are. 'Can't Let Go' is gentler but no less satisfying while the two other cuts ... 'Only You' and 'Giving Myself Away' offer more eclectic light and shade... little wonder that music tastemakers are tipping Mersey Wylie as one to watch for 2019. Find out more @

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alt'Looking For Love' is the foot-tapping, head-nodding, big debut single from new(ish) UK soulstress MICHELLE LAWSON. The tune is a new' un though there's a definite old school flavour about it.... a lot like those great old Teena Marie anthems (I'm thinking 'Square Biz').

The track has been produced by Michael Daley (whose credits include work with Dazz Band, Terry Stanton and Shaila Prospere) and though no one's confirmed it, I'm guessing that Michelle was the Michelle Lawson on the 2014 X Factor series and who, for the last few years, has been selling out venues with an Adele tribute show. Whatever, her 'Looking For Love' is a million miles away from anything Adele has recorded; nothing here to slit your wrists to! Indeed it's a great slab of optimistic modern soul...... out on Rhythm Records on 14th December.

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altIf you're already feeling a little jaded with jingle bell-inspired tunes and fancy something rather different, you may want to investigate the complex music of Canadian duo TREMENDUM.... life partners David Wade and Julie Plouffe-Raymond.

Julie is the vocalist while David plays guitar and they've been making their unusual music for just over two years. What they produce is as eclectic as their mutual inspirations - Erykah Badu, Bloc Party, Jill Scott, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. The pair has just released their debut EP –a four tracker of which the most immediate cut is acoustic 'Kind Of Sad' – less a meander than the three other offerings.... 'They Told Me', 'Inner Peace' and 'Blue Note'.

So if you're hankering for something quite different – challenging even, you can learn more @

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altJOANNA COOKE is a hard-gigging UK singer/songwriter. In the last few years she's averaged something like 120 gigs a year and supported people like Paloma Faith and Rag n Bone Man'. She's also released a clutch of well-received EPs but right now Joanna's making considerable waves with her single, 'Do It Slow'.

The song is a simple but effective ballad begging a partner to leave slowly (or never leave at all). Joanna says: "The song is a heartfelt message describing my personal perception of the 'growing pains' of changing circumstance. Nothing in this life stands still for long & this can be difficult to face, whatever your situation may be. I'm so proud to share this special piece of music with the world and hope my latest offering might serve up a little a little comfort to us all"

With such an emotional story line, little wonder the music harks back to the golden age of southern soul balladry. The songs builds to a climax which is gently let down by some sweet piano before the emotional tension kicks in again. Recommended.

Find outmore @



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altLatest artist to hit the Christmas trail is blue eyed soul singer JACK MOSBACHER. We were impressed by Jack earlier this year when he released an intriguing EP tribute to one of his soul heroes ... David Ruffin. The EP 'WhyNot' featured four rare Ruffin songs. That was followed by a great rendition of the Zutons' 'Valerie' which won plenty of US airplay.

And now Jack offers  four Christmas standards on 'Christmas In California'. The songs are the heartbreaking 'I'll Be Home For Christmas', 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' (both offered with simple but effective piano accompaniment), a breezy, poppy 'White Christmas' and an imaginative ukulele-led 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' .

In truth there's nothing revolutionary here – but that's not the point. Jack says: "This time of year, I feel particularly grateful for family, friends and music. I hope you will listen to it with the people you love - and that you have as much fun listening to it as I had making it. We just want to share joy through the music"

JACK MOSBACHER. 'Christmas In California'... out now

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