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altThe venerable Motown classic 'Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)' (Frank Wilson, Chris Clark) has just been resurrected by a charitable crew who call themselves the NORTHERN SOUL SURVIVORS. Leader of the gang is Northern connoisseur Paul Stuart Davies and the rest of the team is (wait for it) Tommy Hunt, Dean Parrish, Sidney Barnes, Pat Lewis and Chris Clark herself! The backing band is the Signatures and Paul and his mate DJ Johnny Boy add a few vocals too.

The track was recorded at a Northern Soul Survivors Weekender at Butlins Skegness last September when all those famed singers (pictured below) were performing.

The good news is that all the monies from the record will go to a charity with its own Northern flavour... The Jon Bates Appeal. Jon is a Wigan DJ who sadly is wheel chaired based. The appeal is to raise £30,000 for an operation to get him walking again. (Even dancing!)

Find out more and (hopefully) make a purchase @


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altJAY KING was the frontman of Club Nouveau (remember their version of 'Lean On Me'?) and he's currently promoting his second solo album, 'Helen's Son' and right now the LP's lead single is getting loads of attention from connoisseurs of quality, sophisticated soul.

Tune in question is a sweet 70s style groove, 'Good Kinda Lovin'' which has a kinda Marvin Gaye/ Barry White flavour to it. It's oddly hypnotic and Mr King sort of caresses the lyric which floats over a sweet melody. Cherry on the cake is an old school sax solo from Cal Bennett.



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altCHOPS 'N' SOUL are a new funk super group... though "new" isn't quite accurate. You see the "chops" part of the band are the Chops Horns - the house horn section for Sugarhill Records who played on countless hits and funk classics.

Lead saxophonist is Darryl Dixon who cut his music al teeth with the Parliament-Funkadelic collective before moving on to work with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, The Sequence, Spoonie Gee and The Sugarhill Gang. From there the Chops Horns went on to play with people like The Police, Alicia Keys, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Christina Aguilera.

Some while back Dixon and fellow band member David Watson met up with Canadian muso "Soul Joel" Parisien, and so Chops 'N' Soul was born. The first fruit from the new band is a tight, funky soul throwback.... 'Gimme The Grease'. Think the JBs, think Fred Wesley and you're almost there... that's how "authentic" the thing is!

Don't know if there's an album on the way, but a diligent web search will lead you to this fine track.

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altUK soul reissue specialists SOUL JUNCTION get into their 2017 stride with a very strong release from ROBERT MONTGOMERY and CHAIN REACTION.

Robert Montgomery was (indeed is) a soul multi tasker... singer/songwriter/producer/ keyboardist who hails from Rome.... Rome, Georgia that is!

Robert began his soul odyssey in a band called The Sons Of Aries but soon quit to seek a solo career. One of his early efforts was a self-penned song called 'I Need You Girl' which he recorded with remnants of his old band that he re-christened Chain Reaction. The track was released on Jeffery Jackson's Crescent Records in 1976 but only 1000 copies were ever pressed and success was limited... to say the least!

Montgomery then worked with Villaruz and Ripple (remember their 'The Beat Goes On'?) and tried recording more of his own songs. But as hopes of stardom faded he cut his losses and went into selling insurance!

You can probably guess what happened next. Right ... copies of 'I Need You Girl' started to win plays on the UK and European rare and modern soul circuits and the demand for the cut grew and grew.

To satisfy the demand Soul Junction are reissuing the song on limited edition 7" vinyl and it's well worth tracking down. It's a great mid 70s groove that in places reminds us of early Ronnie McNeir, especially in the jazzy undertow, the spoken monologue and the quirky breaks. The B side, by the way, is the instrumental version which shows off Mr Montgomery's instrumental prowess.

ROBERT MONTGOMERY and CHAIN REACTION... 'l Need You Girl' is released on Soul Junction on January 30th

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CH... CH... CHANGES....

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altSuper Aussie soulstress KYLIE AULDIST returns to the recoding fray fronting the brand new single from London's SOULNATURALS ... 'You Make Me Feel Like I Can Change The World'.

The energetic (some might say frantic tune) is the lead single from the band's forthcoming studio album 'Love Says Yes!'.

In its original (i.e. album track) format 'You Make Me Feel Like I Can Change The World' is as raw a slice of contemporary Northern soul as you can get and visitors to this website will know that Ms Auldist nails the vocals. Classy and passionate... as ever!

However, if you like things a touch different then there are two varied remixes also available. The Jimi Needles mix takes the tune deep into Drum n Bass territory while breaks mixer Cut La Roc does it his way.

Of course, you pays your money etc but we'll stick with the tasty hotbed of hip swinging brass and beats that is the original version!

'You Make Me Feel Like I Can Change The World' will be released on 17th February 2017 on British Soul Standard


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