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altIt's been a great 2019 for TERRI GREEN and "project". She kicked off with the #1 Uk Soul single 'Night to Remember'; the band then topped multiple radio charts in the soul scene at #1, even earning Terri an Independent Soul Music artist Grammy nomination.

The album 'What a Feeling' hit the #1 Spot in the UK Soul chart in September and as Terri B (house diva!) she's currently doing great things with the revamped Weather Girls on their single Cheek To Cheek'.

In all this Ms G has been working with sax man/producer Toddi Reed (Torsten Abrolat) and together they've just remxied the title track to 'What a Feeling' as a "discolovers" mix ... and that's exactly what it is. But why have one new mix when you can have a few? So right now you can enjoy 'Feeling' in mixes from Fontaine Burnett and Frank Star. Whatever you go for, feet will be tapping and heads a nodding right through the upcoming Festive Season!



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altJAMES HENRY is a San Francisco performer, percussionist, songwriter and producer who also uses music therapy techniques to help children and adults with special needs in his regular workshops.

Right now he's fronting the Hands On Fire Band and promoting their collaborative album, 'World Fusion Jazz', which melds Funk, Urban Caribbean, Soca, R&B and House music into a unified musical experience.

The first single has just been released and it combines two well known songs – Sly Stone's If 'You Want Me To Stay' and Herbie Hancock's 'Watermelon Man'... both given a latino/funk treatment.... out now!

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altOn 1 October 1969 JAMES BROWN came home to Augusta, Georgia to play what was to become one of his most talked about live was his "homecoming" after all and the famed Bell Auditorium was packed to the proverbial. Because of the show's significance, the concert was recorded and the subsequent album was scheduled for a late 1969 release, but, for all kinds of reasons, that never happened. What actually happened was that parts of the recording were incorporated into half of JB's 'Sex Machine' LP; now, though, for the first time, the whole recording is being made available on CD, 2LP vinyl, and digital audio to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the show. The audio has been newly mixed and seven of the performances have never been available in any format before. Among the newly-available material are the instrumentals 'Lowdown Popcorn' and 'Spinning Wheel,' which were re-cut with pre-recorded applause for the 'Sex Machine' album. 'There Was A Time' and 'Mother Popcorn,' which were heavily edited on 'Sex Machine', appear at twice the length. There's also a live rendition of his 1968 hit 'Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose,' which appeared on 'Sex Machine',

Brown anoraks will need to know that the band featured saxophone player Maceo Parker and no fewer than three drummers, Parker's brother Melvin, Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield.

JAMES BROWN; Live At Home with His Bad Self is out now.

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altThink it was as far back as 2008 when Nottingham's ANTHONEY WRIGHT won hearts and souls with his single 'Reset To Zero'. Back then we described is as having "a very distinctive charm that's hard to pin down. It's totally contemporary (think DUFFY'S 'Mercy'), but there's a real retro feel about it. The chorus is instantly memorable and there's a wonderful hook in the verse, but it's ANTHONEY'S voice that does it." The song was the focal point to his album, 'Feet On The Ground' from which 'Looking Through The Windows' (not the Jackson 5 song, by the way) was always a highlight.

Well, if you missed those two lovely tunes, they're just about to be reissued by IZIPHO SOUL on this new fangled thing called 7" vinyl! For some reason the singer is now billed as JASON ANTHONEY WRIGHT but that doesn't matter 'cos the songs are still winners.

Patrick Biggerstaff, owner of IZIPHO SOUL Records contacted Jason having admired this song for many years and tied up the deal. However, the release is limited to 500 pressing when they are sold they are gone! No re-pressing!!!



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altDetroit music man PAUL RANDOLPH is having a good year... acclaimed collaborations with Kathy Kosins and his own 'Will The Party Ever End' garnered plenty of support.

His latest offering is collaboration with uber producer/ mixer Opolopo on a tune called 'Shake House'. It subtly fast yet smooth and easy on the ear and this so-called "reimagination" is now good to go in two versions.... the full length mix (5 mins plus) and a shorter radio friendly mix. Be warned... this is a proper old ear work of a tune!

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