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altThe lovely CARLA COOKE has a remarkable soul pedigree. She's the youngest daughter of the legendary Sam Cooke and like dad, Carla learned her craft in the church. And like Sam, Carla eventually embraced secular music and has since enjoyed a successful career fronting The Daughters of Rhythm and Blues and performing in the show 'Wondrous Stories'.

Right now Carla's busy promoting her own solo album – 'A Time To Remember', a nine song set that moves easily between gospel and soul and to keep her father's legacy alive she covers two his songs. One is the iconic anthem 'A Change Is Gonna Come'; the other is the plaintive 'Lost And Looking' which originally appeared on Sam's 'Night Beat' album. Here Carla offers the song a capella as she does with her version of 'Summertime' – both highlight the soulful purity of her voice... her father's daughter, for sure!

Other album highlights include the gospel-inspired 'Not Gonna Let You Go' (which owes something to 'A Change Is Gonna Come') , the sweet pop/soul of 'Forgive Me' (the best song Whitney Houston never recorded!) and the jaunty, gospel message song 'I Want To Thank You'.

Take Sam Cooke out of the equation here and 'A Time To Remember' would still be an inspiring, enjoyable contemporary soul album, but the link with Sam just adds something really special.

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altThe latest release on Quantize Records is an irresistible dance groove, 'Jam'. The label credits the tune to EMKAYBE. We're told that the mysterious EmKayBe's roots are in gospel music (you can hear the influence on 'Jam') but the big, big attraction of this tune is the soulful vocal from a certain ANN NESBY!

We've not heard too much from Miss Ann for a while but here she shows she's lost none of her power and inspirational qualities on a tune that simply yells optimism. EmKayBe says: "I know there is nothing new under the Sun, but I want to put out and produce music that encourages the best aspects of human life. We have enough negative energy around us already. Hopefully, I can lift people up with my music while at the same time leaving them with a thoughtful message toward positive actions".... so as Ann Nesby exhorts in the song "Jam"!

EmKayBe Featuring Ann Nesby "JAM" -Quantize Recordings - Out Now

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altEarlier this year the lovely TAMAR BRAXTON treated us to the single 'My Man' – a thoroughly contemporary R&B tune that told of love, lust and cheating. She (Tamar) was the wronged partner and I think we said back then that Ms B delivers the song with such venom and passion that it would be a very foolish "other woman" to interfere.

We were told that the single heralded an album ... and lo and behold... the new long player is with us. Released on the lady's own Tamartian Land records, 'Bluebird Of Happiness' boasts a wonderful "arty" cover and is stuffed with plenty more contemporary R&B jams like 'My Man'... and yes, more tales of love, lust and cheating!

That aside, the dance brigade will probably go for the raunchy 'Pick Me Up' – a lovely tight foot tapper while those who like their modern R&B with a hip hop swagger will love 'Hol' Up' which features Yo Gotti.

The soul crew will find loads to like too. 'Empty Boxes' is a plaintive ballad while 'How I Feel' is a tad more dramatic but the real soul highlight is a tremendous, full production cover of dear old Curtis Mayfield's 'The Makings Of You'. Always a great tear jerking, romantic song, Tamar's delivery does it full justice. She possesses a unique voice and it's perfectly suited to the inherent poignancy in the Mayfield masterpiece.

TAMAR BRAXTON'S 'Bluebird Of Happiness' is out now



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altEarlier this year the UK soul world was in thrall to a track called 'I Can't Help But Love You' from US soul man FREDERICK. Research revealed that Frederick has very long soul CV. Indeed Frederick Millard Davis (to give him his full moniker) charted way back in 1985 with the quiet storm classic 'Gentle (Calling Your Name)'

Another of Frederick's best tunes from that era was the sensual 'Games' and the Cleveland-born soul man has just re-recorded the song as his latest single. Riding a steady, groove the vocal betrays the years Mr. Davis has invested in the crazy world of soul music. He even finds time for a humorous old school poetic rap! It's oddly mesmerizing and we believe that there's an Ashley Beedle Ramrock remix in the pipeline!

FREDERICK'S GAMES is available via the usual download portals.

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altUK soul connoisseurs will be more than familiar with ERROL HENRY. In 1989 he founded the legendary Intimate Records. Throughout the 90s Errol enjoyed success working with major record labels such as Arista, BMG, Warner Music, Island, EMI and Atlantic Records while Intimate continued to issue quality UK soul. Mr H went on to work with the Jones Girls on their 'Coming Back' long player and he produced much of Lulu's best ever album, the Dome-released 'Independence'. Errol then went on to produce UK soul classics on artists like Anthony Drakes, The Affair, Chris Ballin, Richard Anthony Davis, Jaki Graham and Deni Hines.

In 1993 he set up THE SOUND PRINCIPLE as an outlet for his own music and he enjoyed especial success with the inspirational album, 'Heaven's Glory', which is still held in high esteem by UK soul collectors.

Though the Sound Principle is still around, Mr H is working on a new imprint i2 which brought us the wonderful 'First Night' from Everett earlier this year. Now i2 hits us with a remarkable, properly soulful 4 track EP 'THE LOVE MUSIC SAMPLER'. The lead track comes from that man Everett. The ex-Syndicate singer delivers an infectious 'Your Side Of Love' which, we're told, comes form his upcoming album. We defy you to sit still through this one!

The EP's other tracks are the old school 'Bring Back The Love' from Kansas-based Le Velle, 'Nothing Like The Love Of A Woman' by South Carolina's wonderfully-named Carmichael Music Lover and the simple, jazzy 'Love Song' from Jorel "JFLY" Flynn. This one's the cherry on this very special soul cake as it features input from a certain Frank McComb. His name guarantees excellence... this cut is absolute proof!

This 4 track 'THE LOVE MUSIC SAMPLER' is just that – a taste of soulful things to come from i2.

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