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1reggUS news agencies are reporting the death of REGGIE TORIAN, current lead vocalist with the IMPRESSIONS. Few details are available but it seems that Reggie, who was also a solo artist, actor and ordained minister, died on Wednesday 4th May in his native Chicago. He was aged 66 and it's reported that he died in hospital.

Torian joined the Impressions in 1973 as one of two replacements for Leroy Hutson who himself had taken over Curtis Mayfield's role in the band after he embarked on his solo career. Prior to that Reggie had been prominent on the local soul scene and together with second new boy, Ralph Johnson alongside originals Fred Cash and Sam Gooden, the Impressions found new success with songs like 'Same Thing It Took', 'Sooner Or Later', 'Loving Power' and 'First Impressions' –their only UK chart hit.

Torian left the group in 1983 but rejoined in 2001 and he's worked with Cash and Gooden on and off ever since. He's the lead voice on the Impressions' most recent recording – the double A sided single 'Rhythm'/ 'Star Bight'. Released on Daptone in 2013, it was meant to be the first single from an album but as yet no long player has been issued. Reggie also visited the UK as lead singer with the Imps on their last two tours here.

When not working with the Impressions, Reggie worked as a solo performer. Many of his shows were tributes to Curtis Mayfield. Indeed he put together and performed in a well-received musical play, 'All Things Mayfield'. Reggie naturally played the part of Curtis.

On top of all this Reggie Torian was an ordained minister and tireless campaigner for social justice in his native Chicago.


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1hanaHANNAH WHITE is a London based singer/songwriter who started her pro music career touring Europe with a Motown tribute girl band and at the moment she earns a living as Kenny Thomas' backing singer. That might soon change as her solo career starts to take off. Hannah's first single – the catchy and infectious 'Sunny Day' won rave reviews and earned listings on all the credible soul charts and if you've been to a modern soul function recently, chances are you've heard it!

Hannah also wowed the audience at last weekend's Caister Weekender and to meet demand, her label, DSG, have just commissioned a brand new 'Caister Mix' of 'Sunny Day'. The seven minute plus epic come courtesy of mix man of the moment, Nigel Lowis who's currently recovering from an illness. You wouldn't know it though. The new tweak is bright and optimistic worthy of the 'Sunny Day' titling... all the charm of the original is retained too as well as those lovely vibes!

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Ijeomathesindecut_promo-01With a heatwave forecast (honest!) , it's good advice to 'Cool Your Head' which coincidentally is the title to the new single from IOJEMA & THE SINDECUT. Ms Iojema originally hails from Newcastle but now works out of London where she teamed up with veteran hip-hopsters Sindecut for her first single, 'Stand Tall'.

'Cool Your Head' is a throwback to the great days of street soul... big, rumbling beats, broody atmosphere and a weird hypnotic quality.

The tune will officially be released in June.

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1tamecaTAMECA JONES is a Texan soul singer currently putting the finishing touches to a Summer EP, 'Naked'. The mini-album is produced by Josh Moore and the lead tune is a raw ballad called 'Head Over Heels . Vocally Ms Jones' passion is a throwback to the golden age of the soul diva though in places you can also hear the influence of dear old Amy Winehouse. If you like mournful, you'll love this!

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1mkWe first got to know about MATHER & KINGDON (Stuart Mather and Chris Kingdon) last year with the release of the lovely 'Life's So Sweet' album. (see our reviews archive).

The duo are currently working on the follow-up long player – 'Short Stories' - and to get things rolling they are all set to release the first single – a fab re-working of Barry White's 1979 song 'I Found Love'. It's not one of big Bazza's best known songs; he cut it while wriggling out of a record deal, just prior to forming Unlimited Gold.... but  it's a proper soul gem and Chris and Stu do it proud! Great tune, committed vocal and lovely sax work from Chris Kingdon.

The single's putative B side is a remix of 'Hold On', one of the key cuts on the 'Life's So Sweet ' album.




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