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1pipPIPI DIMONTE is an Italian jazz double bassist and he's just released his second album.... 'Hieronymus'. Signor Dimonte says that the 8 tracker is like "a canvas of the great 16th century visionary artist (Hieronymus Bosch), in whose work vanguard met tradition". He adds that Bosch has been the guideline to his own work - exploring sonic introspection.

You can make up your own minds , of course, and I'm no art expert but I can tell you that the 8 tracker offers real diversity and range (like Bosch's canvases?). We're particularly liking the swing flavoured 'Pastis' that conjures up heady images of 50s Marseilles. Quite different are the almost smooth jazz of 'Hebony Dance', the lugubrious 'Macramé' and the lovely 'Mimi' which features Donald Byrd like trumpet from Simone Salvini. And that's one of the album's attractions. Though Dimonte and his bass are up there on the marquee, 'Hieronymous' is an ensemble piece and throughout the leader allows his players to stretch.

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1harTime was when HARLEIGHBLU was being touted as "the next big thing". Well it never quite happened and there's still plenty of time for Ms H to consolidate her position.

In the meantime she's been busy releasing tracks digitally and those tunes have just been brought together by Tru Thoughts Records on a ten track album, 'Futurespective'.

If you've not heard the music before, expect enigmatic, hip-hop infused experimental, nu age soul underpinned by electro beats and oblique lyrics.

Helping the lady deliver her imaginative cocktail are guests like Dr Zygote, Lost Midas and J-Felix. It all makes for a gritty listen and cuts are already being taken up by people like Trevor Nelson and Huey Morgan.

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1jasJASMINE POWER is a welsh jazz singer who's already won the attention of tastemakers like Gilles Peterson and Jamie Cullum. Her new four track EP, 'Stories And Rhymes' look set to bring Ms Power to a wider audience.

Most beguiling tune on the mini-set is 'A Man Or A Boy'. Simple with just sympathetic piano accompaniment, the song allows Jasmine to show her vocal capabilities.

'Stories And Rhymes' is self-released and out now. Find out more @



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1trampThe latest compilation from Germany's resourceful TRAMP RECORDS is an esoteric 15 tracker jazz retrospective, 'Peace Chant'.

The music on the album spans some 50 years with the oldest cut being a gentle 1963 'Mozambique' from the Luna Brothers Trio. Very much a timepiece, the Luna Brothers, like most of the artists here were never major league players, but that, of course, doesn't make their music any less worthwhile.

Other cuts that stand out are the 'Black Bandit' from the Nu Art Quartet (pleasing soul-jazz), the funky 'Abeba' from the Mabon Dawud Quintet and the 70s style, Herbie Mann-flavoured 'Peace Chant' by Walt Bolen; that's the one that gives the album it's titling.

'Peace Chant' is released on Tramp Records on June 3rd and comes as a double vinyl album and on CD.



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1mqarMARSHALL "ROCK" JONES, bass player with the OHIO PLAYERS died on Friday May 27th in Houston, Texas. He was aged 75 and had been suffering from cancer, though cause of death was confirmed as a stroke.

His daughters Donna Williams and Charlotte Phillips announced the news on various internet sites adding, "We appreciate all of the support and prayers. We lost not only a father, a grandfather and an uncle, we lost an icon to the community and an icon to his family."

Born in Dayton, Ohio Jones was a founding member of the band way back in 1959 when they were called the Ohio Untouchables. In 1967 they morphed into the Ohio Players and peddled their own particular brand of funk. He was with the band right through their heyday playing on all their major hits like "Fire," "Love Rollercoaster," "I Wanna Be Free," "Pain," "Funky Worm," "Skin Tight," "Honey" and "Sweet Sticky Thing." Known also for their auto-erotic album covers, the Players claimed to be the biggest funk band of the mid 70s but in the late 70s they began to flounder. Drug abuse and tax investigation seemed to sap the band's energy and creativity and the wealth the members acquired quickly dissipated.

The group split but reformed several times in various forms but they never again achieved their 70s heights.

Leader of the current line-up of the Ohio Players, James "Diamond" Williams tweeted that Jones will be missed and he said he will be pushing for a Dayton street to be named for the Ohio Players while some members are still living.


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