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DiscoSoulGold_logoUK soul's newest indie label – DSG MUSIC (D=disco, S= soul and G = gold) has enjoyed a great first year. The label is the brain child of long-time soul entrepreneur GARY VAN DEN BUSSCHE (check his always interesting Facebook page.... ) and it hit the ground running with the wonderful 'Listen' by Newcastle duo SouLutions. In its irresistible Drizabone mix it topped every credible soul chart and was a mainstay in all decent DJs' record boxes. Later remixes ensured the song stayed relevant while the duo's equally catchy 'Philly Line' matched its predecessor's success. Currently SouLutions are putting the finishing touches to their debut DSG album.

There's also a huge buzz on DSG's latest release – 'Your Smile' from Neo. It's an old song but in its DSG/Drizabone remix it's all set to become one of the year's top modern soul tunes.... and so that all tastes are catered for there are other mixes too. The tune will be officially available from 1st December via download sites such as, i Tunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno and others.

Gary and DSG have also worked on projects with The Trammps featuring Earl Young, Los Charleys Orchestra, Boogie Man and Melba Moore, whose 'Just Dance' single is making considerable waves.

DSG is currently looking to extend its roster and any credible soul acts with songs that might appeal across the soul genre are urged to get in touch with Gary who might just be able to give the music that little, extra push towards success. You can contact Gary @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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cwAce imprint, Kent has just released a couple of fine soul compilations that will appeal to soul collectors right across the board.

First up there's the third compilation in the label's excellent 'Where Country Meets Soul' series. Soul and country music, of course, have long been bed-fellows and many soul classics have their roots in country. Naturally it's the Southern soul contingent that dips into the country catalogue most frequently and here there are lots to justify that assertion. ... Percy Sledge's 'True Love Travels On A Gravel Road', Arthur Alexander's 'I Hang My Head And Cry' and Bobby Bland's 'Who Will The Next Fool Be' amongst them.

The 24 tracker, however, also offers lots from – shall we call them, "uptown, urban artists".... maybe apart in location and taste from country sounds. So here you can enjoy people like George Benson, The Temptations and The Supremes with their take on country.

The Benson song is 'My Woman's Good To Me'... his cover of a country song by David Houston. The Benson version dates from 1969 and proves that he was a decent vocalist long before that particular talent was "discovered" circa 'Breezin''. The Temptations' offering is their version of 'Little Green Apples' –which actually only features one of the group, Paul Williams; perversely the Supreme's tune 'It Makes No Difference Now' features all three girls on alternate lead... Diana, Florence and Mary.

brentThe second new Kent compilation is a snapshot of Brent Records... a New York-based label that existed between 1959 and 1967. It was owned by music biz hustler Bob Shad who'd started in the business in the 40s as a guitarist but he soon graduated to engineering and production. His early credits include work with Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Lightinin' Hopkins, the Platters and Dinah Washington. He eventually became a record label owner with imprints like Warner, Sittin' In With, Castle, Jade, Jackson, Harlem and Brent –the focus of this compilation.

The 24 tracker illustrates that Shad not only made his own records in New York City but that he was also a prolific licenser of discs from across the States. Here there are contributions from studios in L.A. , Florida, Phoenix and Detroit as well as NYC. The Detroit connection comes via a link between Shad and the Correc-Tone label and here you can enjoy some great early Motor City soul from artists like Laura Johnson and Marvie Josie. Best known artist on this collection is probably Brenton Wood who had two Brent singles before finding success on Double Shot Records. The album's other "big" name is Dave Crawford –the Florida producer and arranger. He harboured early ambitions as a performer and here he offers an impassioned 'Praying For The Rain To Come'.

Brent's biggest success was The Donays' Detroit-recorded 'Devil In His Heart'. The song, of course, was beautifully covered by the Beatles. It's not included here – probably because it's already so easy to find; instead you get a set of rare, quality, indie soul... a great snapshot of a time and a place.

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PORTIA_-_CLOUD_1X_BAGPORTIA MONIQUE'S eponymous album has become an instant soul favourite amongst the cognoscenti! Produced by the Reel People people (Oli Lazarus and Toni Economides) it's a wonderful blend of neo and modern soul all delivered in Ms Monique's most warm and sensual voice.

The first single, 'Grace', charmed its way to the top of all credible soul charts and the new single, 'Cloud IX' is all set to follow it. Again it comes in a number of mixes (helmed by Lazarus and Economides) and they cook up an irresistible backdrop complete with some tasty wah-wah guitar but our boys are savvy enough to allow THAT wonderful voice to carry the track.

PORTIA MONIQUE'S 'Cloud IX' will be available end November/start December.

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melbaA revitalised MELBA MOORE has taken the modern soul world by storm with her latest record – the old school-flavoured 'Just Dance'. Written by Dominic McFadden, the son of the late Gene McFadden of McFadden & Whitehead, the tune's bob on the current midiron soul vibe.... and if you want more, 'Just Dance' is soon to be made available in three new remixes.

First up there's an Alien Disco tweak which takes the tune into soulful house territory; then there's the CW Dance mix which retains the charming basics of the original; the third remix is a CW Retro re-tooling and my money's on this one to be the one to give the song more legs on the modern soul scene.

All mixes will be available soon on Top Notch Records via the usual download portals and the whole concept has been masterminded by Gary Van den Bussche of DSG Music.

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JRMotown singer, JIMMY RUFFIN died on Monday 17th November in a Las Vegas hospital. He was 78. The sad news was announced today (Wednesday, 19th November) by his children Philicia Ruffin and Jimmy Lee Ruffin Jr. They gave no further details. However Jimmy has been in hospital since the middle of last month (as previously reported on these pages).

Jimmy Lee Ruffin was born on May 7, 1936, in Collinsville, Mississippi and after moving to Detroit was signed to Berry Gordy's Motown Records where he first recorded for the short-lived Miracle imprint. His biggest Motown hit, of course, was 1966's 'What Becomes of the Brokenhearted' but he also enjoyed success with songs like 'I've Passed This Way Before' and 'Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got'.

In the US, despite the hits, Jimmy was always known as Temptation David Ruffin's older brother. In the UK, however, he was revered as a true soul star in his own right and for a time he lived in England. He enjoyed success there in the 80s with top 10 pop hit, 'Hold On To My Love', written and produced by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. Then in the late 80s he recorded a couple songs with British pop group Heaven 17 while for a time he was also involved in Paul Weller's Red Wedge collective singing on a record released in support of the striking coal miners.

In the 90s Jimmy had his own radio show in the UK and became an anti-drug advocate after the death of his brother David.

Latterly Jimmy Ruffin was living in Las Vegas and we believe he was writing and recording material in 2011 and 2012 that he hoped to eventually release.

Most of Jimmy's Motown catalogue is currently available on CD – including the sought after album 'I Am My Brother's Keeper' which he recorded with David.

His children posted the following message: "Jimmy Ruffin was a rare type of man who left his mark on the music industry. Our family in its entirety is extremely upset over his death. He will truly be missed. We will treasure the many fond and wonderful memories we all have of him. We appreciate all of the love and prayers from our family, friends, his colleagues and his adoring fans".




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