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altLatest offering from the QUANTIZE label is an intriguing soulful house cut, 'Hold Me' which is credited to the trio of PARIS CESVETTE, DARRYL WALKER and SALO LOYO . Paris is the key producer; Darryl wrote the lyric and is the main vocalist while Salo wrote the lovely melody. And it is that melody that carries the day... a far cry from the usual, shall we say "less subtle" house tunes. 'Hold Me' is delicate and nuanced and Darryl Walker's vocal is a real treat as is the muted horn solo – almost Burt Baccarachish!

As ever, the tune comes in a plethora of mixes.... from luminaries like DJ Spen, Earl Tutu, and John Khan and each one has its own particular charm!

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altUK soul fans will have fond memories of the 1975 hit 'Fool' by AL MATTHEWS. Sadly Al has died in Orihuela, (near Alicante) Spain. He passed on 22nd September and he was aged 75. Some reports suggest that he was living in a retirement home; others suggest it was his own home. Spanish authorities are awaiting the outcome of an autopsy before announcing cause of death.

Though born in Brooklyn, Matthews found success as a singer in England – working for labels like CBS, Electric, Polydor and Edge. The one time US marine sergeant (he saw action in Vietnam) was also a well-known movie actor. He appeared in 'Superman III' (1983), 'The Fifth Element '(1997) and 'Tomorrow Never Dies' (1997), but he is best known for playing Sergeant Apone in 'Aliens' (1986), the classic James Cameron science fiction sequel to Ridley Scott's 'Alien'(1979). Nearly 30 years later, he provided the voice for the same character in the video game 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' (2013). Readers of a certain vintage might also recall that Al also appeared in 'Grange Hill' and hosted shows on BBC Radio 1. Matthews' last film role was in 'The Price of Death', a new western by director Chip Baker that is currently in post-production.



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altBack in August we were delighted to learn that everybody's favourite East Anglian soul boys, THE DOGGETT BROTHERS (Greg and Carl) were working on a new album.... to be called 'Get High'. The ten tracker is set for UK release at the end of September and they announced its imminent arrival with the release of the title track as a single. It's a great little mover with a fab vocal from Nate James and served as a wonderful hors'd'oeuvre for the LP.

Well, the album will shortly be with us but as a little extra teaser, the Doggetts have just released another single from the set..... a gorgeous ballad, 'Don't You Know' which features a slinky and sensual soulful vocal from Jarrod Lawson. With sweet strings and lashings of painful tenderness, it's quite different from what we've come to expect from the Brothers D. Yes, we loved the 'Colours' ballad, 'Two In My Life', but 'Don't You Know' is something quite special ... haunting and emotion-tugging... proper soul music!



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alt'Steal The Show' is the newest album from Bristol duo, THE ALLERGIES. The pair are old school spinners and beat thieves... DJ "Roy" Moneyshot and DJ "Adam" Rackabeat. They came together in 2010 via their mutual love of classic hip-hop and their debut album was 2015's 'As We Do Our Thing', which fast became 6 Music's "Album Of The Week" and I-tunes' best selling hip hop album of the month. Their second set was 'Push On' which won the duo plenty of plays and lots of coverage in the music mags and the serious newspapers.

The 13 tracker that is 'Steal The Show' continues the momentum and vibe of the Allergies' first two efforts. Mr Moneyshot says: "We like breaks, funky basslines, horns and dance floor grooves. We're inspired by the golden eras of funk, soul, disco and hip-hop and we try and cram all that into three and a half minutes". And you know that is an almost perfect description of each track on 'Steal The Show'.

Hear the amalgam at its best and toughest on 'Can't Keep Working This Hard' and 'Dance Now' - both featuring a funky and feisty unnamed femme vocalist. The crazy closer 'Samba Fox' throws in even more (including, obviously, a Rio samba school) but for something a little different try 'Let's Drive'.... not quite classic soul, not quite Steely Dan.... but interesting. Indeed the music of 'Steal The Show' is almost like lots of other stuff, but, oddly, like nothing else. The album will be available on Jalapeno Records from September 28th.

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altThe latest long player from LUCKY BROWN and the S Gs is a quaint, old school instrumental 12 tracker, 'Mesquite Suite'.

The album is Lucky's third and follows 2011's 'Space Dream' and 2015's 'Mystery Road'. His PR people describe his sound as James Brown meets Fela Kuti and listening in you can hear where they're coming from..... loose funk with all kinds of everything thrown in!

Lucky says his music is: "a rejection of the elitism, classicism and status of the music industrial complex and is the antitoxin to its resultant homogeneity"..... wow. See if he's right by visiting

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