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altWith 2019 not yet over, plenty of top names are lining up big 2020 releases.... amongst them US soul and jazz chanteuse ROBIN McKELLE. As we've previously announced Ms Mc will be releasing a new set on February 14th; and the album, 'Alterations', marks something of a departure for the lady who enchanted audiences with her magnificent 'Fairy Tale Ending' back in 2012. You see the 11 tracker that is 'Alterations' is a "covers album" – but no ordinary "covers album". Robin has selected a set of songs originally presented by female innovators ... people like Dolly Parton, Sade, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Janis Joplin, Carol King, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, and Lana Del Ray.

Amongst the repertoire are 'Back To Black', 'Jolene', 'Rolling In The Deep' and 'No Ordinary Love' – which is the album's lead single, offered in a new jazz setting with sparkling piano accompaniment from co-producer Shedrick Mitchell,. The treatment here illustrates the flavour of the whole collection... new ideas on old favourites, fusing jazz, soul, r&b, blues and rock. 'Jolene' for instance is quite transformed. There is one McKelle original song too.... 'Head High' which easily holds its own in such august company.

Robin McKelle: 'Alterations' released on Doxie Records on February 14th... full review very soon.



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altHere's a late addition to our list of new Christmas soul sounds.... LAVEL JACKSON'S 'All I Want'. Lavel is currently a member of L J Reynolds' version of the Dramatics, though he also works solo and with the band Soul Xpress.

His 'All I Want' is a slow, modern R&B ballad with Lavel offering a "dramatic" and soulful performance... little wonder that Reynolds recruited him into his incarnation of the Dramatics! Out now via the usual download platforms.

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alt'Sweet Poison of Pain' is a new release from a new young singer, LUIZELLA JOSÉ. Surprisingly, Luizella hails from Switzerland. I say "surprisingly" because the sound on the record is very American, very Urban, and very contemporary. Without wishing to sound stereotypical, not at all what you'd except from Switzerland!

It seems that Luizella is 19 and was a star of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (the German version of American Idol) ... so there you go. 'Sweet Poison of Pain' is good to download now.

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altAs 2019 draws to a weary conclusion we can reveal one of the oddest release of this... or indeed... any year – soulful house mixes of some of the best of SWAMP DOGG!

Yes, we know that Mr D (Jerry Willians) has always been way ahead of the curve and now he's allowing some of his very best to be remixed by people like Raphox, OPOLOPO, Mad Professor, Eric Kupper, King Britt, Billy Paul Williams, Ursula 1000, SanFranDisko and The Revenge.

First fruits of the new deal are versions of Sam Stone and My Heart Just Can't Stop Dancing. The former has been tweaked by French mix meister ERIC KUPPER who transforms the Godfather of Swamp Funk's 1972 interpretation of the John Prine classic. O.G (Josh Wink of Digable Planets) takes on Dogg's 1977 disco-funk rave-up "My Heart Just Can't Stop Dancing' – every bit as bonkers as the original!



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altHere at SJF we first heard DIANE MARSH in her own right in 2015 via her easy-on-the-ear 'Promise'. We subsequently learnt that Diane was no newcomer. In fact, the girl from North West England has a long CV that includes work with people like Odyssey, Kleeer, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, Adina Howard and the legendary Edwin Starr.... which brings us to Di's "latest offering".... a "LOVERS GROOVE" mix of 'I'M STUCK ON U'.

The song is a real oldie.... in fact it was first recorded in 1996 as collaboration with Andy "Madhatter" Holmes of Old English Records and, oddly, it's never been properly released. Over the last few months, though, the cut has been played out on a few soul stations and interest and demand has grown and grown. So Diane has final decided to release it via her own website.... . It'll be out on December 19th and Ms M is dedicating it to the memory of her late mother. Is it worth investigating? For sure... it's a tight and sprightly Brit soul groove... sensual, soulful and recommended!

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