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altGermany's TRAMP RECORDS get into the New Year with the ninth instalment in their always excellent 'MOVEMENT' series for which the motivation is to dig out the ultra rare, the esoteric and the downright obscure. To date the 'Movement' series has unearthed over 100 unknown soul, funk and jazz tracks and this new edition carries on the tradition with a glorious panache and a welcome disdain for the fashionable.

To understand what it's all about grab a listen to a cover of 'Harlem Shuffle' by a band called Hot Cakes. You've probably heard dozens of versions of this song but I guarantee that you've never heard it like this... a kind of Spanish Harlem Shuffle with Fatback Band overtones and the odd crazy harmony ...wonderful stuff! Another interesting cover is Dario and the Infernos' take on Oscar Brown's 'Brother Where Are You' while Chick Willis' 'Sometimes Soon' gives James Brown's 'It's A Man World' a real run for its money.

As ever with Tramp there's plenty of fab rare soul and funk here and with the label celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, I'm sure we can expect much, much more!

By the by, the first 400 LPs of this album come with a bonus 7" single of Melo Madnezz's 'What You Getting High On' – a mad, off every wall Northern flavour!

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altORANGE BURN are a hard gigging New York based soul and funk outfit led by Adam Marr. Right now they're mighty busy promoting their new single 'Testify' – a fierce amalgam of rock and funk fronted by a feisty female vocalist.... Shilan Douglas. The rest of the band are; Rich Formidoni – keyboards, Isaac Friedman –bass, David McKoy – drums, Theo Moore – percussion, Dayna Richardson – vocals and guitarist and leader Adam Marr.

The catchy and insistent 'Testify' track is taken from the band's current mini album – a five track eponymous EP that features more of the same rocky, bluesy, ballsy, funk flavours. Hear that sound at its toughest on the crazy instrumental that is 'Cool Stuff Here'.

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altMALINA MOYE describes herself as "a pop-rock maven and international guitar superstar" – a title she claimed via her 2011 album 'Diamonds And Guitars'. Since the release she's gone onto to work with Jimi Hendrix tribute bands and artists like Robin Thicke whilst cultivating her image as a musical bad girl.

March sees the release of her new album – 'Bad As I Wanna Be'. It's a 10 track set that sees Ms M let fly with fierce vocals and a fiercer Fender Strat guitar sound. The Hendrix influence is palpable... she even covers the master's 'If 6 Were 9'. The only cut to bother the soul crowd is possibly 'K-Ytoic' which features input from a certain Bootsy Collins. It is, though, as "chaotic" as the onomatopoeic title suggests.

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altOne of the the big albums from the back end of last year was the 13 track celebration of Cuba music, 'TWO BEATS ONE SOUL'. Tracks from the Ray and Vivian Scott Chew helmed long player kept plenty of dance floors busy over the festive season. Now one of the set's cuts has won a remix courtesy of a certain LOUIE VEGA.

He's chosen the frothy Anané vocalised 'Music And Life' to work and with plenty of his trademark percussion, Little Louie gets the beats going right away. They drive the tune onwards and upwards towards the ethereal climax that sees some crazy keys duel with a bonkers soprano sax (we think!)

This is the first remixed single from the album and will be available from the end of January.

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altLast Autumn we reported on a comeback of sorts by RANDY MULLER. The brains behind bands like Brass Construction, Skyy, BT Express and  First Circle was promoting his new dance tune 'Beautiful Feelin''. With a big, big soul vocal from feisty Carolyn Harding, the cut in all its 5 mixes won lots of dance hall attention.

Since then Mr M's been mighty busy 'cos he's pushing the tune again.... this time via a huge 11 different mixes! Yep, something for everyone - there's the Deep House flavours of the Max Farrente Dub mix; there's a glossy disco flavour on Gino Bianchi's mix and plenty in between. We're guessing the soul crowd will dive straight for the two Philly flavoured remixes – zipping strings. danceable beats.... the lot!

The new mixes of Randy Muller's 'Beautiful Feelin'' are out now on Plaza records.

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